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Augustus dies and is followed by Tiberius
Francia is parted in three after the death of Louis I, and three following years of civil war
Edict of Milan
Karl Martell defeats the muslims at Poitiers, which stops the muslim invasion of Europe
The romans end the etruscan dominans at Veii
Traditional date for the founding of Rome
Emperor Theodosius declears christianity the official religion in the empire
The Second Council of Nicaea is held, which reunited the eastern and the western church
Theodosius reunites the empire, and rules both parts
The roman republic is founded
Octavian, Mark Antony and Lepidus formes the second triumvirate
The Twelve Tables, the foundation of the Roman law, is completed
The battle of Terty unites the franks under Pepin II
Harun ar-Rashid, 'The 1001 nights caliph', starts his reign
A muslim army ends the roman influence in Africa at the battle of Carthage, and sacks the city
The roman empire is split in two again, this time permanently
Sulla marches on Rome, and becomes dictator
The Papal State is founded
Ali ibn Abi Talib becomes the first shia imam, although the sunni muslims regard him as their fourth caliph
The muslims starts the invasion of the iberian peninsula
The Delian League is founded
Mark Antony loses for Octavian at the battle of Actium
The battle of Marathon
Socrates is sentenced to death by drinking a poisonous mixture
The second punic war
The first judean uprising against the roman empire
The third punic war
Alexander the great starts his reign
The start of the hebrew calendar
Clovis I conquere the last roman provinses in Gaul, and founds the francian empire
Caesar crosses Rubicon
Muhammeds migration to Medina marks the start of the muslim timeline
Alexander the great dies
Octavian becomes Augustus and get the title emperor of Rome
Traditional date for the fall of Troy
Pompey, Crassus and Caesar formes the first triumvirate
Solon reforms the state of Athens
The roman city of Pompey is covered with ash from a vesuvian eruption
The first olympic games were held in Olympia
Emperor Diocletian splits the roman empire in two
The first punic war
The pope coronates Charlemagne as emperator augustus
Judas Maccabeus restore the temple of Jerusalem, celebrated by Hannukah
Caesar is killed by a group of senators
Macedons takes control over Greece at Chaeronea
Theodosius declares the olympic games heathen and is forbidden
The first outbreak of the justinian plague, which lasts until the year after
Large parts of Rome is burned to the ground
Traditional date for the founding of Carthage
The First Council of Nicaea is held
Council of Jerusalem
The earliest complete survival of a dated printed book, 'Diamond Sutra', is printed in China
The battle of Thermopylae and Salamis
Constantine becomes the sole ruler of the roman empire
Odoacer invades Rome and marks the end of the western roman empire
The first peloponnesian war
Constantiople became the new capital of the Roman Empire
Charlemagne unites the franks at his brother, Carlomans, death
Muhammed dies in Medina, which marks the start of a large muslim expansion

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