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King Louis XVI is executed after the declaration of the french republic the year before
Oliver Cromwell desolves the rump parliament, and becomes Lord Protector
The monarchy is reestablished in England, by the coronation of Charles II
John Locke publishes his work 'Essay Concerning Human Understanding'
The city of Los Angeles is founded by Spanish settlers
Thomas Jefferson presents the declaration of independence, and later signed by the Congress
The period of the Austrian war of succession
John Harrison invents the marine chronometer, solving the problem of establishing the East-West position or longitude of a ship at sea
The periode of the Executive Directory during the French revolution
Napoleon's partition of Venice ends over 1,000 years of independence for the Republic
The period of the American Revolutionary War
The Third Partition of Poland ends the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
The Act of Union between England, Scotland and Wales formes Great Britain
The british general Charles Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown, the beginning of the end of the American Revolutionary War
The period of National Convention during the French revolution
General George Washington leads his army across the Delaware river for a surprise attack on a Hessian outpost
US Congress passed the Residence Act, which approved the creation of a new capital at Washington DC
An Electoral College elects George Washington unanimously as the first president of the USA
The Mutiny on the Bounty is perpetrated by Fletcher Christian against the commanding officer William Bligh
Charles I of England is executed, and England becomes a republic
The periode of the Seven Years War. The end marked the beginning of an extensive period of British dominance outside Europe
'The Wealth Of Nations' is published by Adam Smith. Considered to be the foundation of modern economic theory
Louis XIV dies, leaving France greatly enlarged but deep in debt
James Watt patents his improvements of the steam engine, and Richard Arkwright patents the water frame
The US constitution is adopted, drafted chiefly by James Madison, by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia
The period of the War of the Spanish Succession
Isaac Newton publishes his work 'Principa', where he lays groundwork for most of classical mechanics
The Glorious Revolution. The overthrowing of James II, and the start of modern English parliamentary democracy
St. Petersburg is founded as the Russian empires new capital
The French Revolution begins with the convocation of the Estates-General, which leads to the proclamation of the Tennis Court Oath
The french expansion under Louis XIV starts
The english conquers New Amsterdam from the dutch
The death of mughal Aurangzeb marks the start of the downfall of the Mughal Empire
Edward Jenner administers the first smallpox vaccination
The Boston Tea Party, a key event in the growth of the American Revolution
The Great Fire of London destroyed 80 % of the city
The storming of the Bastille and the march on Versailles that forced the royal court back to Paris
The period of the First Anglo–Dutch War, the start of the dutch decline
The Russian victory at the battle of Poltava marks the start of Russian dominans in northern Europe
Napoleon Bonaparte stage a coup d'état and install himself as First Consul in France
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dies, at the age of only 35

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