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Forced Order
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WarYear span
Black Hawk War
Second Chechen War
First Balkan War
War of the Triple Alliance/Paraguayan War
US invasion of Panama
War of Quadruple Alliance
American Revolutionary War
War of 1812
Russian Civil War
Angolan Civil War
Franco-Prussian War
Nine Years' War
War of Spanish Succession
US Invasion of Grenada
Greek–Punic Wars
Mexican War of Independence
Salvadoran Civil War
English Civil Wars
Peninsular War
First Chechen War
Second Punic War
Invasion of Tibet
First Indochinese War
Austro-Prussian War/Seven Weeks War
Wars of the Roses
Russo-Georgian War
Crimean War
War of Austrian Succession
WarYear span
Algerian War
Great Sioux War
Great Northern War
Iraq War
Pyrrhic War
Second Opium War
Finnish Civil War
Yugoslav Wars
Nagorno-Karabakh War
Polish–Soviet War
Great Turkish War
Byzantine-Ottoman Wars
Spanish-American War
First Boer War aka. Transvaal War
Vietnam War
Boshin War
Kosovo War
Third Punic War
Mexican Revoultion War
Yom Kippur War
Mau Mau Uprising
Irish Civil War
Turkish War of Independence
Mexican–American War
First Sino-Japanese War
Second Intifada
Greek Civil War
Greek War of Independence
WarYear span
First Intifada
Third Crusade
Second Arab-Israeli War/Suez Crisis
War of the League of Cognac
First Crusade
Second Crusade
First Opium War
Chinese Civil War
First Barons' War
War of the League of Cambrai
Gaza War
Italian Wars
First Lebanon War
Seven Years War
Six-Day War
French and Indian War
First Punic War
Inca Civil War
King Philip's War
First Arab–Israeli War
Napoleonic Wars
Russo-Japanese War
The Second Boer War
Peloponnesian War
French Wars of Religion
French Revolutionary Wars
Anglo-Zulu War

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