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Modern nameFormer name
Kiribati 1820-1971
Tuvalu 1892-1976
Malawi 1907-64
Malawi 1893-1907
Central African Republic 1903-60
Ghana 1821-1957
Burkina Faso 1958-84
Vietnam 1884-1949
Guinea 1894-1958
Benin c. 1600-1975
Canada 1783-1907
Belize 1865-1981
Modern nameFormer name
Djibouti 1967-77
Guinea Bissau 1474-1974
Botswana 1885-1966
Vanuatu 1906-80
Namibia 1884-1915
Zambia 1890-1953
Lesotho 1884-1966
Guyana 1814-1966
Equatorial Guinea 1926-68
Mali 1880-1960
Kenya 1895-1920
Timor-Leste 1702-1975

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