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This woman became the first elected female president ever i 1980,a position she held for 16 years
Prime Minister of India 1966-77, and from 1980 until she killed by her sikh bodyguards in 1984, in the aftermath of Operation Blue Star
The youngest actor to win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, at the age of 20 for his performance in Ordinary People
American biochemist who developed a multitude of new drugs most famous the AIDS drug AZT
American businesswoman who in 1946 co-founded, along with her husband, a eponymous cosmetics company, which boomed in the 80s
Turkish assassin who shot and wounded Pope John Paul II in 1981
The longest-serving Prime Minister of Spain, 1982-96. His ascension is seen as the last step in the re-instatement of democracy after Franco
Irish republican politician and president of Sinn Féin since 1983
Romanian-born Jewish-American professor, political activist and author who received the Nobel Peace Price in 1986
This radio personality had a breakthrough as a 'shock jock' in the 80s
American journalist, from Associated Press, who were held hostage by Shiite Hezbollah 1985-91
American philosopher who is best known for his controversial modal realist stance: that possible worlds exist, parallel to our own world
American comedian and actor, known for the catchphrase 'I don't get no respect!' and his monologues on that theme
Prime Minister of Belgium 1979-81 and 1981-92, in which he launched reformes which set Belgium on a path to federalism. Important politician in EU politics in the 90s
The most prominent figure in the failed the coup d'état, 23 F, in Spain in 1981
The first woman to be appointed a US Supreme Court Justice in 1981
Egyptian army officer who participated in the assassination of Egypt's president, Anwar Sadat
American businessman known for engineering the Ford Mustang and for being President, CEO and Chairman of Chrysler 1979-92
White House Press Secretary under Ronald Reagan who became paralyzed as a result of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1981. Later an ardent supporter of gun control
Attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan in Washington D.C., on March 30, 1981
American flamboyant pianist famous for being the forerunner for bling-bling culture, died of AIDS in 1987
Mobster who became the boss of the Gambino family in New York in 1985. Known for his flamboyant lifestyle he was nicknamed 'The Teflon Don'. Senteced to life in prison in 1992
US professor of oceanography who is most known for the discoveries of the wrecks of the RMS Titanic in 1985 and the battleship Bismarck in 1989
New York man known for shooting four black men when they allegedly tried to mug him in 1984. Sparked a debate on urban crime and gun restrictions
Chairman and CEO of GMC 1981-90, who failed in his attempt to modernize the company which nearly led them to bankruptcy
Australian baby girl who was killed by a dingo in 1980 on a family camping trip to Uluru
Australian businesswoman, TV-host, model, and actress. Known for her five covers for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in the 1980s, leading to her nickname 'The Body'
Indian American astrophysicist known his theory of black holes, which involved the theory on the later evolutionary stages of massive stars. Nobel laureate of 1983
American TV-sex therapist who became a cultural icon
Canadian cancer research activist who embarked on a cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research in 1980, but died in the attempt
English author who wrote 723 novels, and had according to some sources sold more than 1 billion books. In 1983 she set a new world record for most novels written in a year with 23
Prime Minister of the Netherlands 1982-94 and UNHCR 2001-05
American actress and comedian. Her mentor Johnny Carson shaped her comedy style and in 1986 she became the first woman to host a late night network television talk show
American painter and graffiti artist who died from an overdose of heroin age 27 in 1988
German fashion designer who is the head designer and creative director of Chanel as well as his own label
Archbishop of San Salvador who spoke out against poverty, social injustice, assassinations and torture, and was assassinated in 1980
American media mogul who is known as founder of the cable news network CNN
Greek actress who was a political activist during the Greek military junta. onceived and proposed the programme of the European Capital of Culture part of the EU since
Chinese American architect who in the early 1980s was the focus of controversy when he designed a glass-and-steel pyramid for Louvre
In 1983 she became the first American woman in space on the Challenger Space Shuttle
German aviator known for his illegal landing near Red Square in Moscow in 1987
Secretary of State, resigned in opposition to Operation Eagle Claw which failed to rescue American hostages in Iran in 1980
American astronomer known for the 1980 television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, which he narrated and co-wrote
The chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company 1984-2005
American media mogul and a charismatic Southern Baptist minister. He unsuccessfully ran for Republican Party's nomination for the 1988 presidential election
Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK 1983-89. He was a key proponent of Thatcher's policy of privatisation of several key industries and deregulation

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