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Can you name these cartoon characters by description?

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The wife of Kit Walker, The Phantom
Female Avengers superhero who possesses abilities to alter reality in unspecified ways and is a powerful sorceress
A young boy in 'Peanuts' who is, except on rare occasions, extremely dirty and attracts a permanent cloud of dust and bugs
The oldest inhabitant of Asterix's village, mentioned as 93 years old, but has a very young and beautiful wife
Dog-hating relativ of Lady's owners in 'Lady And The Tramp'
Copy of Spiderman who has been a clone, spiderman himself and a villain through the years
Frenemy of Archie Andrews in 'Archie', known for his sarcasm and practical jokes, his vanity, his athletic abilities, and his interest in dating multiple women
ferocious, albeit dim-witted, carnivore with a notoriously short temper and little patience. He can eat anything in his path, speaks only in grunts, but is calmed by music
Feral cat who befriends Duchess and her kittens, becoming a father figure to the kittens and falling in love with Duchess in 'The Aristocats'
Kuzco's primary parental guardian and advisor in 'Emperors New Groove'. In the series she is seen to be cruel, but comically eccentric, making grandiose plans and schemes
Green Lantern supervillain who is the primary wielder of the orange light of avarice - greed
Merlin's talking pet owl in 'The Sword in the Stone'
Carefree, charismatic mongrel with a mix of terrier in him. He claims to have considerable 'street savoir-faire', and is the leader of Fagin's gang of dogs in 'Oliver and Company'
The principal archenemy and ally of Mister Fantastic and the Fantastic Four. Merciless and paranoid, wrecked by his twisted face and wanting the whole world to be like him
Usually the leader of solving mysteries in 'Scooby Doo'. Is often shown constructing complicated traps for villains, which Scooby-Doo or Shaggy would often set off by mistake
First appearing as a villain, he later joined the Avengers. He is a master archer and marksman, and uses a variety of trick arrows
Reincarnated ancient Egyptian prince who teams up with Justice League, and flies via artificial feather wing
A charming trickster in the Land of the Dead who enlists Miguel to help him visit the Land of the Living. He is later revealed to be Miguel’s true great-great grandfather in 'Coc
Young robotics prodigy who helps form the superhero group Big Hero 6 to protect his home city
The adopted baby brother of Kyle in 'South Park', born in Canada
Rabbit from rural Bunnyburrow fulfills her childhood dream of becoming a police officer in urban Zootopia
In a post-ice age Alaska this youngest of three sibblings turns into a bear after killing one, to teach him to see through another's eyes in 'Brother Bear'
16 year old princess who has been forced to be betrothed to strengthen the bond of a kingdom in 'Brave'
This mutant son of a human sea captain and a princess of Atlantis. He possesses the super-strength and aquatic abilities of the Homo mermanus race
The Darlings' nursemaid, a St. Bernard dog. An unnatural dog, taking care of the Darling children and cleaning up after them in 'Peter Pan'
Italian-American vigilante who employs murder, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, threats, and torture in his campaign against crime. Driven by the deaths of his wife and children
Princess kept unaware of her royal heritage by an old woman, who raises her in a secluded tower in order to exploit her hair's healing abilities to remain young in 'Tangled'
Small town sheriff's deputy who awakens from a coma to find the world overrun by zombies, or 'walkers'
African-American member of the G.I.Joe-crew, whos primary function is as a heavy machine gunner and his secondary function is as a cook
Watchmen has an ensemble cast, but many consider this man to be the protagonist as he drives most of the plot forward and serves as the series' narrator'

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