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Can you name these cartoon characters by description?

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The prince is greedy and immature king of England and the main antagonist in 'Robin Hood'
Nordic prince who arrives at Camelot and earn the respect of King Arthur and Merlin, but also gets involved in events of 500s and 600s Central European history
Madame Adelaide's dim-witted butler who tries to get rid of the cats in order to inherit her fortune in 'Aristocats'
The young wife of the village's most senior inhabitant in 'Asterix', and the love interest of Obelix
Superhero who reformed the Teen Titans as the New Teen Titans to fight her father. She is an empath who can sense emotions and control her 'soul-self', which can fight physically
Lesbian police officer in 'Batman' who resigns from the corrupt police force to fight crime under her new identity Question
A raccoon who is duplicitous, selfish, a con artist, and extremely intelligent in 'Over the Hedge'. But he feels guilt over using his friends to raid a house for food
Perdita's owner and Roger's wife in '101 Dalmatians'
The long-lost twin sister of He-Man, in which he is reunited with
The cousin of the Superman, who shares his super powers and vulnerability to Kryptonite. Have been killed off and rebooted
Two identical fat man who quotes a narrative poem in 'Alice in Wonderland'
The fairy godfather of a neglected 10-year-old boy, who grant his every wish to improve his miserable life in 'Fairly Odd Parents'
Superhero who have the ability to shrink and grow his body and other objects to varying degrees, including the subatomic level
Black superhero who acquires electrical superpowers from a technologically advanced power belt, later an inborn ability, that he puts to use to clean up crime in his neighborhood
Romantic and level-headed woman dressed in a pink floor-length shepherdess dress and bonnet, and portrayed as a love interest to Sheriff Woody in 'Toy Story'
British-themed superhero who was endowed with extraordinary powers by the legendary magician Merlyn, and is assigned to uphold the laws of the UK
In situations that the five Planeteers cannot resolve alone, they can combine their powers to summon this titular character to save the Earth from harm
The tyrannical ruler of the planet Apokolips and is also an inter-dimensional Demon God of Evil in 'Superman'. His goal is to conquer the universe
Character that oversees the realm of dreams and imagination and regulates dreams and inspiration as part of The Endless in 'The Sandman'-universe
The G.I. Joe Team's First Sergeant, a skilled polyglot and fighter
A highly trained assassin of Greek descent and the love interest of Daredevil, but her violent nature and mercenary lifestyle divide the two
The main character out of three cousins who is run out of their home town, crosses a desert, and ends up in a lost in a fairy-tale valley in this eponymous comic
A bulldog with a British accent in Fagin's gang in 'Oliver and Company'. He appreciates art and theatre, particularly Shakespeare
40-foot purple gorilla, with the mind of a child, in his own eponymous TV-show. He is kind but frightens everyone because of his size
Superheroine with the ability of snow creation and manipulation as the result of an experiment funded by the Norwegian government
An occult detective and con man stationed in London in Hellblazer comics. Known for his cynicism but he's also compassionate
Alien villain in Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons where he tries to destroy the Earth with his destruction contrapment
The leader of M.A.S.K. and the main protagonist of the franchise, and a multi-millionaire and philanthropist
Anthropomorphic rabbit and a ronin now walking the warrior's pilgrimage in his eponymous comics
Mad scientist chimpanzee with great intelligence, who speaks with a Japanese accent. Is the main antagonist of the Powerpuff girls

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