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The french, led by Joan of Arc, lifts the siege of Orleans
Timur foundes the Timurid dynasty
Marco Polo starts his 24 year long journey to Asia.
Columbus crosses the Atlantic Ocean, leading to awareness of America in Europe
King Charles of England disvolves the parliament, and rules with absolute power
The period of the English Civil Wars
The peace of Westphalia ends the wars, and establishes a new political order
The start of the great schism between the roman catholic church and the eastern orthodox church
Henry Vs England crushes the french with longbows at Agincourt
Martin Luther publishes The Ninety-Five Theses which starts the Protestant Reformation
The period of the Thirty Years War
Francisco Pizarro starts the conquest of the Inca Empire, completed two years later
Portuguese merchants establish a colony in Macau
Abel Tasman discovers New Zealand
Scotland wins a decisive victory over England in the battle at Bannockburn
The spanish armada gets crushed by the english navy
Juan Sebastián Elcano, Magellans second in command, becomes the first to circumnavigate the earth
The period of the third crusade
The period of the second crusade
John Calvin establish the reform church in Geneva
Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary) dies, and is followed by Elizabeth I
Nicolaus Copernicus releases his work on the heliocentric theory
The holy roman emperor Henry IV performing his Walk of Canossa before pope Gregory VII
The period of the first crusade, which ends in recapture of the holy land
Galileo Galilei presents his laws of motion
Mary, Queen of Scots, is executed
Saladin crushes the crusaders at Hattin, the start of the end for the crusades
The Ottoman empire wins decisively against the Serbs at Kosovo Polje
Henry VIII declares the Church of England, separating it from the papacy
Hongwu establishes the Ming Dynasty in China after the disintegration of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty
The Tulip Mania in the Netherlands are followed by an economic collapse
The battle of Stamford Bridge, and the battle of Hastings
The period of the 80 Years War, or the Dutch War of Independence
King John I of England signs Magna Carta
The Time of Troubles period of Russian history
The periode of the Avignon Papacy
Genghis Khan dies
The event that Americans commonly call the 'First Thanksgiving' was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World
Vasco da Gama reaches India after sailing around Africa
Elizabeth I establishes the protestant church of England
The period of the hundred years war
The period of the great western schism
The Gunpowder Plot
Joan of Arc is executed, after being captured the year before
The dutch founds New Amsterdam on Manhattan
The Spanish Inquisition is established by Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile
The period of the French Wars of Religion
The period of the Investiture Controversy between church and state
Hernan Cortes starts the conquest of the Aztec Empire, completed two years later
Johannes Gutenberg printes the first Gutenberg Bible
The Black death is introduced to Europe from Crimea
The period of the Italian Wars
Pope Gregory XIII introduces the gregorian calendar
The muslim rule of Granada is ended, also ending the muslim influence in Spain
The first english colony in America, Jamestown, is founded in Virginia
The Mongol sacks Baghdad, and ends the rule of the Abbasid Caliphate
Frederick II of the Holy Roman Empire dies, which leads to dynasty breakdown
The period of the Council of Trent. Later know as the counter-reformation
Battle of Lepanto, the last Galley-battle, stops the Ottoman expansion in Europe
The period of The Wars of the Roses
Johannes Kepler presents his finds on the elliptic tractories of the planets

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