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Can you name the Character Deaths in the A Song of Ice and Fire Series?

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How they DiedVictimBook
Smothered to death by DaenerysA Game of Thrones
Pushed from the EyrieA Storm of Swords
Killed in his chambers by Lord VarysA Dance with Dragons
Strangled by Tyrion in King's LandingA Storm of Swords
Tyrion's Champion, Killed by Gregor CleganeA Storm of Swords
Poisoned by Oberyn Martell during a trial by combatA Storm of Swords/A Feast for Crows
Slain in Dorne by Areo HotahA Feast for Crows
Killed by Tyrion while sitting on a privyA Storm of Swords
Murdered in his tent by a shadeA Clash of Kings
Beheaded in King's LandingA Game of Thrones
Died seven deaths A Storm of Swords
Poisoned at his weddingA Storm of Swords
Fell to his death on PykeA Storm of Swords
Killed in an assault led by Ser Amory Lorch while bound for the WallA Clash of Kings
How they DiedVictimBook
Died at Sea en route to OldtownA Feast for Crows
Slain at Craster's Keep by his own menA Storm of Swords
Slain by Jon Snow in the Skirling PassA Clash of Kings
Left to die by Arya on the TridentA Storm of Swords
Beheaded at the Wall by Jon SnowA Dance with Dragons
Gored by a boar while huntingA Game of Thrones
Killed by Khal Drogo with a molten crownA Game of Thrones
Killed while attempting to free Rhaegal and ViserionA Dance with Dragons
Murdered by Varys by a crossbow boltA Dance with Dragons
Killed at the Red Wedding, resurrected as Lady StoneheartA Storm of Swords
Slain upon the Trident by Robert BaratheonPrior to Game of Thrones
Burned alive by Daenerys TargaryenA Game of Thrones
Murdered by Lady Catelyn at the Red WeddingA Storm of Swords
Murdered at the Red Wedding by Roose BoltonA Storm of Swords

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