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Can you name the numbers according to the clues given?

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All numbers are WholeNo Decimals
1](# of days in Feb. 2000) + (Weeks in a year)
2]Total # of wheels on 2 Tricycles, 7 Wheelchairs, and 1 shopping cart
3]# of Donuts in a Baker's Dozen
4]Speed of light in miles per second
5]Cats are said to have this many lives
6]The sum of the answers from questions 1, 3 and 5
7]# of outs in a baseball game (9 innings)
8]Number of planets (Excluding Pluto, Sorry!)
9]Square root of 625
All numbers are WholeNo Decimals
10]Number of pennies in a dollar
11]Number of nickels in a dollar
12]Number of dimes in a dollar
13]Number of quarters in a dollar
14]Total of questions 10, 11, 12, and 13
15]What is 5! (5 Prime)?
16](# of U.S. States) x (# of U.S. States that start with the letter E)
17]What is MCDXCII

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