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Beckett's mom?
The name of Ashley's pet rat from season 3
Where on Manhatten is the Castle Loft located?
The name of Alexis' High School?
Castle's first wife's full name?
Caste's Halloween costume in season 2?
In season 2 what part in a play does Martha end up being offered instead of the lead?
What book saved 'J' (the amnesiac) in season 2, episode 11 'the fifth bullet?'
Season 2, Vampire Weekend, what was the name of the homeless man with Porphyria? Who the graphic novel being written was based on?
Which doctor was a 'MASH fan?' in Season 4, episode 7 'Cops and Robbers?'
The Actress that was chosen to play Nikki Heat, had to be dropped when she went into Rehab?
In Season 1 episode 1 what book of Castle's did the killer base for murdering the small claims lawyer Marvin Fisk?
What did Alexis and Paige name their school project, the egg in season 2 'Vampire Weekend'?
What is Castle's given middle name?
Who does Castle call in season 5 for advice on a haunted DVD?
What was the name of the superhero vigilante?
What was the name of the not so great superhero?
Where is Alexis going to college?
What is Castle's birthday? Just the date.
Castle's first book?
Name of the ghostwriter in Season 1?
Who did Martha dress up as for Castle's Halloween party in season 2?
What ringtone was playing on the nannie's phone in season 1?
How much money did the murder victim originally win in the lottery in season 3 'Lucky Stiff?'
What was the soap opera Martha was on for three weeks?
What is Meredith's pet name for Castle?
What episode does Castle show off his 'Writer' Bulletproof vest?
What can Ryan be seen carrying at least once in every episode?
What is Beckett's full name?
What book did Castle's father give him? Both when he was a kid and sent to him after Alexis' kidnapping?
How many references to Firefly have there been in Castle?
Who was Mike Royce renting a house from in L.A.?
What sci-fi show was Beckett obsessed with?
At what precinct did Esposito work at early in his career?
Ryan was with what division before homicide?
What book is being released in season 1, episode 1?
In a recent movie that Nathan Fillion appears in, he makes a comment about the two main characters finishing each other's sentences, what's the movie?
What is Castle's 'safe word?'
On the New York Ledger's annual 10 Most Eligible Bachelors list, what number was Castle?
Who preceded him on the list at number eight?
How many times was Beckett a bridesmaid?
Name of the band that Alexis loves in season 2?
Prior to her mother's murder, what was Beckett's major in college?
Before becoming the captain of the 12th, what was Iron Gates' role with the NYPD?
What Hitchcock movie does the show pay homage to for it's 100th episode?
What actor plays Castle's father, 'Jackson Hunt'
What illness does Alexis come down with that causes Meredith to come and 'take care of her'
How many Nick's pizza's are there in 'Slice of Death'?
Who was Alexis' secret admirer in the episode '3XK'
What is Castle's address? It's been seen multiple times throughout the show.

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