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Name any playable character
What is the world the game takes place in called?
The game begins in which city?
What is the time of peace called after Sin is defeated?
How long does this period last?
Besaid's blitzball team
What are the monsters that fall off of Sin called?
What is the religion of this world called?
What did the Al Bhed dig up out of the sea?
The last summoner to defeat Sin
What do you need to collect to gain Auron's overdrives?
Where was Seymour raised?
Where do you find Rikku's celestial weapon, Godhand?
What are the two key items called that allow you to teach aeon's abilities and raise their stats?
How old is Yuna?
Name any of Seymour's Machina-like companions
What is Al Bhed in Al Bhed?
Tidus' last overdrive
What are the optional bosses featured in the international version?
Where is Yuna originally from?
Evrae Altana is inflicted with what status effect?
What is the special treasure in the Besaid temple Cloister of Trials?
The heretic omega was banished to the Omega dungeon how many years before the events of the game?
Yuna was named after who?
What was Auron before he left to become a guardian?
What is the item used to reduce MP cost to one?
Sin likes what song?
Who is the final boss the party muct face to end the game?
What is Rikku's nickname for Yuna?
Where is the Farplane located?

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