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Memories that last for months to years
Rhythm associated with quiet waking states (8-13 Hz)
Change in physiological functions according to the daily clocks in the brain
Speech is disturbed but comprehension is in tact
Memory associated with facts and events
Speech is fluent but comprehension is poor
Process of storing memories
Inability to form new memories
Slow rhythm associated with deep sleep (-4 Hz)
Inability to find words
Emotional experience can occur independently of expression
Temporary information storage
We experience emotion in response to physiological changes
Partial or complete loss of language
Process of producing protein and gene expression in a 24 hour cycle
Cells in the hippocampus that fire only in a specific area
Memories that last from seconds to hours
The same neurons that fire when you first learn a memory fire when you recall it
Memory associated with skills, habits and behaviors
Sleep cycle: Non-REM, REM, non-REM, every 90 minutes
Memory loss for events prior to trauma
Allows us to read generalized activity of the cerebral cortex
Dreams are the associations and memories of the cerebral cortex during REM sleep
Speech and comprehension are fluent, but trouble repeating words
We sleep to rest and recover to prepare to be awake again
Fastest rhythm signalling an active cortex (14+ Hz)
We sleep to keep out of trouble
Rhythm occuring during some sleep states (4-7 Hz)

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