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Dopamine (DA), Norephinephrine (NE) and Adrenaline
Vision, hearing, eye movement, body movement
Structures on opposite side (right ear/left ear)
Visual processing center
Scan that uses x-ray to reveal gray/white matter and ventricles
Membrane of rolled out cochlea
Slicing the brain into two halves
Drugs that prolong the actions of serotonin
Involved in motor control and sensory analysis
Technique for sayisfying criteria 1 involving antibodies
Scan that uses hyrogen atoms to build a detailed image of whole brain
Neurotransmitter lands on a g-protein and causes a nearby channel to open
Cycles per second associated with pitch
Technique for satisfying criteria 1 involving mRNA
Maintains breathing and heartrate
Pressure difference associated with loudness
Deactivates the HPA axis and inhibits CRH release
Contains axons carrying info away from spinal chord
Fluid which permeates pia matter and ventricular system
Enzyme which degrades NE and serotonin
Technique for identifying subtypes using ligands
PNS containing spinal nerves that innervate things under voluntary control
Brain fissues
A series of bones in the ear
Controls fear response and activates HPA axis
Transporting info TO the CNS
Funnel of cartialige that helps capture sounds
Technique for identifying subtypes by analyzing drug actions
Regulatory gateway
Schizophrenic with delusions of persecution or granduer
Auditory perception, memory, speech
Controls autonomic visceral nervous systems
Which neurotransmitter binds to AMPA, NMDA and Kainate?
Brain folds
Movement, orientation, perception
Schizo with flat affect and incoherent speech
PNS containing spinal nerves that innervate involuntary actions
Enzyme that synthesizes AcH
Reasoning, speech, emotion, problem solving
Scan that uses info about glucose and oxygen demand to see into the brain
Liquid filled apparatus which transforms soundwaves into brain signals
Contains axons bringing info into the spinal chord
Schizo with immobility, posturing, repetition
Structures on the same side (right ear/right eye)
Transporting info FROM the CNS
Neurotransmitter lands on g-protein and causes other effects

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