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ions with a net negative charge (Ci and Ca)
Postsynaptic membrane is thicker than presynaptic
Action potential?
Equation that allows us to calculate the equilibrium potential for an ion using the concentration difference
The assembling of proteins from amino acids
The relative ability of an electric charge to migrate from one point to another
The final product of gene expression
The force exerted on a charged particle
Rapid depolarization of the membrane
Site of cellular respiration
Stacks of membranes near the nucleus
Determines the shape of the neuron
When a neuron makes contact with another cell
Rapid repolarization of the membrane
ions with a net positive charge (Na and K)
Responsible for sorting proteins
Forms the initial segment of the axon
Part of the action potential where the inside of the neuron is positively charged with respect to the outside
Direct communication through gap junctions
PSPs adding up via one neuron
Small bubbles of membrane near the axon terminal
The process of assembling a piece of mRNA
membrane potential
Branches of the axon
Mimics the effects of neurotransmitter
points along the axon without myelin through which ions move in and out
Glia which fills space between neurons
The cite of protein synthesis
Reading of DNA
Current = conductance x potential difference
Resting potential?
PSPs adding up via one or more neurons
Synaptic vesicles fuse with presynaptic membrane and release neurotransmitters
Post and pre synaptic membrane are similar thickness
Ohm's law?
Blocks the effects of a neurotransmitter
Equation that allows us to calculate the membrane potential at equilibrium using the relative permiabilities of the membranes

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