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A fruit filled dessert, sometimes made with a latice style crust.
A dessert that can be baked or unbaked and is filled with a soft cream cheese filling.
An ice cream dessert topped with meringue and baked at a high temperature.
A rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry, chopped nuts, and honey.
Fried ring of dough that can be filled, glazed or dusted with sugar.
A type of sponge cake that is very light and airy, a very heavenly dessert.
A type of pie filled with a lemon curd and topped with fluffy meringue.
A lady can't wait to get her fingers on this coffee dipped dessert with a creamy filling.
A custard topped with a carmelized sugar, usually served cold.
A chocolate cake that is dark or bright red and frosted with cream cheese icing.

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