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Can you pick the Epic Rap Battles characters?

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Character 1Character 2
Bill O'Reilly vs
Adolf Hitler vs
Chuck Norris vs
Sarah Palin vs
Kim Jong-Il vs
Justin Bieber vs
Albert Einstein vs
Genghis Khan vs
Napoleon Bonaparte vs
Benjamin Franklin vs
Gandalf vs
Dr. Seuss vs
Mr. T vs
Christopher Columbus vs
EpicLLOYD vs
Adolf Hitler again
Leonidas vs
Mario Brothers vs
Michael Jackson vs
Marilyn Monroe vs
Bill Gates vs
Character 1Character 2
Frank Sinatra vs
Mitt Romney vs
Doc Brown vs
Clint Eastwood vs
Batman vs
Moses vs
Adam vs
Martin Luther King, Jr. vs
Thomas Edison vs
Lance Armstrong vs
Skrillex vs
Grigori Rasputin vs
Adolf Hitler once again
Blackbeard vs
Miley Cyrus vs
Pablo Picasso vs
Michael Jordan vs
Donald Trump vs
Unofficial: Sherlock Holmes vs.
Pilot: Michael J. Fox vs

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