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HintDirectorNotable Films
Director/producer with a predilection for tiny monsters.
Multi-talented director from the studio system days; his career was ended by his most notorious picture
American comedy and horror director
American horror icon and maker of low budget classics in the sci-fi, horror, and action genres
Horror staple who has repeatedly redefined the slasher genre
One of the most successful and beloved American directors who frequently dips into fantastic genres
Extremely influential director of thrillers; most of his work has come out in the last two decades
Even more controversial Dane who got kicked out of Cannes in 2011
Director of low-budget, often satirical, b-movies
Another German who makes bloody underground flicks; unlike #36, though, he's good.
Prolific B-Movie director/producer; won an Academy Award for his body of work
The Master of Suspense
Italian director of stylish and bloody giallo films, usually with vivid imagery and electronic music
German underground splatter director.
Spanish creater of critically-acclaimed dark fantasy.
Horror director who came up with the idea for his most famous film in a hardware store
Best known for his adaptations of Stephen King's work to the silver screen
French-American director who worked with Val Lewton on some of the most critically acclaimed horror flicks of the 1940s
Spanish director of a famous 70s zombie series
Famous director of 1930s Universal Studios horror films
American thriller director
Indie filmmaker turned blockbuster director; known for a cartoonish style
American metal musician turned sometimes controversial director.
Science Fiction director/producer known for his blockbusters on both TV and the big screen.
The Godfather of Gore
HintDirectorNotable Films
The Godfather of All Zombies
Prolific Italian B movie director
Science fiction and horror director who tends to add quirky humor to his works
American exploitation director; Troma released his most notorious film.
Italian splatter maestro
Somewhat uneven director who had two smash hits in the 70s--one a best picture, the other a famous horror pic.
Young American director who has overseen multiple high-profile, big budget adaptations
Similar to #41, but French, and somewhat more competent
Possibly the best director ever; many of his films contain conspicuous horror elements
Canadian director associated with body horror; has since taken on more mainstream projects.
Insanely prolific, controversial, and unconventional Japanese director
Controversial Austrian art-house darling.
Dark, controversial director who has made some of the highest-regarded horror films in history
South Korean director who's as popular as his movies are bloody: Very
Italian director arrested for his most notorious flick.
One of the great figures in Italian horror cinema
British horror author who has directed adaptations of several of his works.
Director of psychological thrillers whose name has become synonymous with surrealism in film.
'The Evil Ed Wood;' Italian director of Eurohorror porno-sleaze
'The One Man Film Crew,' known for his exuberant camera work
Director of some of the highest grossing flicks ever made
Oscar-winning fantasy director who started off making splatter films
One of the worst directors of all time--but no less an auteur--this Hollywood figure tried to create epics and wound up with dreck.

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