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The first of the new breed of zombies, he came for Barbara and Johnny
A small man with a distinctive voice; often played neurotic killers or sinister foreigners
Former Hollywood star turned scream queen who was just as scary in real life (and inspired a Blue Oyster Cult song)
Impeccably British horror star who also popped up at Baker Street, on the Death Star, and the the TARDIS
Often played against actor #4 (and the most prolific actor of all time, according to Guinness)
B-movie veteran; the father of martial artist David
One of the best known horror legends, notable for his iconic voice.
Arguably the most iconic horror actor here; also narrated How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Martin Landau earned an Oscar for his portrayal of this horror legend
'The Man of a Thousand Faces,' renowned for his groundbreaking work with makeup.
The son of #10, who became a horror icon in his own right.
Early horror actor with a fitting name (and who terrified the filmmakers of his most famous film)
Best known as the second scariest clown in horror
Vampire movie staple who has also worked closely with Fassbinder and von Trier
Icelandic writer best known for his portrayal of a certain American Southwesterner
School friend of Clive Barker, best known for his appearance as one of that author's creations
Forever associated with Jason Voorhees, though he's only portrayed the character four times
Wife of a well-known horror director who appears in his films
Now a major mainstream actress, she had an earlier life as a scream queen
Bald, well-spoken Brit with a piercing gaze and a propensity of playing villains--and one well known hero
Scream queen, famous for her striptease in Return of the Living Dead
Italian scream queen who looked great even after a spiked mask was hammered on her face
Imposing SWAT officer in Dawn of the Dead
B-movie icon, usually armed with chin and boomstick
Slasher movie veteran usually appearing under a heavy layer of makeup
Special effects guru who also acts--usually as a biker character
Provides the voice for one of the slasher genre's icons
Scream queen known for working with Troma.
Invariably winds up playing cops, as he did in his most famous role in Night of the Creeps
This horror actor ironically didn't act in the intense southern gothic thriller he directed, which is noted for a magnificent portrayal of a psychopath.

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