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HintAuthorNotable Works
Enigmatic, philosophically-inclined and pessimistic writer; often described as a combination between #22 and #28
Writer whose work often incorporates Americana like Elvis and drive-in theaters.
New Orleans writer of vampire works; famous for including some of the first homosexual characters in popular horror fiction
Libertarian sci-fi and horror writer
Thriller writer who often delves into horror; one of his earlier works became a successful action franchise
Amazingly successful, influential and prolific American writer; synonymous with mainstream horror fiction
British author and the most successful author of the 'splatterpunk' scene in the '80s; now he's more of a dark fantasy writer
Prolific British horror writer, with immaculately subtle prose stylings
Brit who started out with gory pulp horror; now tends towards fantasy.
Famous American scifi/fantasy/horror writer. It's a vague clue, but you know who this is.
Ridiculously offensive, often bizarre and humorous, splatterpunk writer
Considered one of the best writers of short horror fiction in America
One of the first American horror writers to start using graphic violence and content in his works
As Robot Chicken once put it, the Zune to #6's iPod
Writer of popular medical thrillers
YA author of Gothic, literate horror tales, often with Catholic iconography
Macabre cartoonist and horror writer
Cult illustrator, writer and poet known for his Victorian stylistics and macabre sense of humor
Critically acclaimed horror author who, nonetheless, suffers from writer's block and has a tiny output of writing
Began a vampire renaissance, then became a born again Christian
Misanthropic satirist who wrote horror; one of his stories was adapted into a famous Twilight Zone episode
Dark, Gothic American horror writer and poet
Politically engaged author who challenged Romanticism, including in her ground breaking novel
Horror writer who created the prototypical vampire
Wrote Twilight Zone scripts as well as the first short story to appeal in Playboy magazine
Son of #6; writes under a semi-pseudonymic name
Famous for his novels about big nasty sea creatures
HintAuthorNotable Works
Influential, brooding writer of literate but pulpy 'weird tales' and dark fantasy; created a mythology which writers use to this day
Inflammatory but brilliant science fiction writer
Pseudonym of the 1990s most successful children's and young adult horror author
Children's sci-fi and fantasy writer
American horror writer and anthologist; best known for a seminal multi-author anthology he edited in the 1980s containing #6's 'The Mist'
Hugely influential figure on the American horror scene since the 1950s; many of his horror, scifi, and fantasy works have become films or TV episodes
Son and frequent collaborator of #33
Splatterpunk pioneer and frequent collaborator with #36
Splatterpunk pioneer and frequent collaborator with #35
Writer who coined the phrase splatterpunk
The second best known writer of YA horror after #30
Feminist dark fantasy writer
Exceptionally prolific and talented writer who often dabbles in dark fiction.
American writer known for her dark Catholic themes in Southern Gothic settings
German brothers who collected European folklore.
Collector of scary folklore for kids; his most famous series of books is notorious for the sanity-destroying surreal horror of its artwork.
Immensely popular children's fantasy author who is also well known for his dark tales.
Extremely talented british author of horror, sci-fi, and crime
Horror writer who was one of the first to experiment with e-publishing
Deceased editor of How to Write Tales of Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction
English writer known for his subtle, restrained ghost stories.
Influential American author and literary critic; his famous horror story is a favorite subject of literary analysis
Her most famous story is a chilling masterwork; it's also one of the most heavily anthologized short stories ever.
Satirical writer of campy, but paranoia-inducing, thrillers.
Important part of horror's resurgence in the 1970s in America; collaborates occastionally with #6.
Pulp writer known for his love of cats and interest in Jung.
Source of the eponymous law which states '90% of everything is crap.'
HintAuthorNotable Works
Popular young-ish novelist with an engaging style and twisted satirical interests; something of a cult figure
Satirical American horror writer
Reclusive author best known for a series of thrillers surrounding a serial killer
American horror/mystery writer who gave us Norman Bates.
British dark fantasy writer with a cult following; especially well known for his comic book writing
American writer who often wrote on demons and the occult; he later adapted one of these books into the screenplay of a smash hit horror film
Relatively up-and-coming writer who employs eco-horror themes
Gothic writer; notorious for themes of incest.
Irish ghost story writer of the 19th century
Writer who focuses on the socially marginalized; sometimes collaborates with Barry Malzberg
Controversial American satirist
American horror writer of books and comics.
Along with #28, one of the grand masters of pulpy 'weird fiction'
Splatterpunk writer who died in 2001
Clergyman and writer of Gothic works
Also writes thrillers as J.A. Konrath
American science fiction writer; most of his works have become successful movies
Tremendously influential late Victorian science fiction writer
Not a horror writer per se, but his famous experimental horror novel puts him on this list
The author behind much of the contemporary zombie revival.
Somewhat kooky--but good!--horror writer most famous for his best-selling claims of alien abduction
Influential horror writer fascinated by the occult
European writer of dark, puzzling fables of depression and alienation.
New England writer famous for his works on evil and sin
Highly prolific scifi/horror writer; died in 2006
Two of her works became Hitchcock films

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