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YearAuthorStory Name
1987 Winner'The Deep End'
1987 Nominee'Man's Best Friend'
1987 Nominee'This Old Man'
1987 Nominee'Day-Tay-Vao'
1987 Nominee'Traps'
1988 Winner'Night They Missed the Horror Show'
1988 Nominee'The Young Thing at the Top of the Stairs'
1988 Nominee'She's a Young Thing and Cannot Leave Her Mother'
1988 Nominee'The Music of the Dark Time'
1988 Nominee'Jack's Decline'
1988 Nominee'Nobody Lives There Now'
1989 Winner'Eat Me'
1989 Nominee'A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned'
1989 Nominee'Bodies and Heads'
1989 Nominee'Each Night, Each Year'
1989 Nominee''Yore Skin's Jes's Soft 'n Purdy' He Said'
1990 Winner'The Calling'
1990 Nominee'The Loneliest Number'
1990 Nominee'Back Windows'
1990 Nominee'But You'll Never Follow Me'
1990 Nominee'From the Papers of Helmut Hecher'
1991 Winner'Lady Madonna'
1991 Nominee'Love Doll: A Fable'
1991 Nominee'The Braille Encyclopaedia'
1991 Nominee'The Ash of Memory, the Dust of Desire'
1991 Nominee'Wolf Winter'
1991 Nominee'Richard's Head'
1992 Winner'This Year's Class Picture'
1992 Nominee'The Farm Wife'
1992 Nominee'Did They Get You to Trade?'
1992 Nominee'Come One, Come All'
1992 Nominee'Bright Lights, Big Zombie'
1993 Winner'I Hear the Mermaids Singing'
1993 Nominee'Death Fiend Guerillas'
1993 Nominee'Distances'
1993 Nominee'The Dog Park'
1993 Nominee'Pain Grin'
1994 Winner (tie)'The Box'
1994 Winner (tie)'Spring Rain'
YearAuthorStory Name
1994 Nominee'The Torso'
1994 Nominee'Things of Which We Do Not Speak'
1995 Winner'Chatting With Anubis'
1995 Nominee'The Bungalow House'
1995 Nominee'Becky Lives'
1995 Nominee'The Death of the Novel'
1996 Winner'metalica'
1996 Nominee'The Slobbering Tongue That Ate the Frightfully Huge Woman'
1996 Nominee'The Secret Shih Tan'
1996 Nominee'The House of Mourning'
1996 Nominee'Plan 10 From Inner Space'
1997 Winner (two authors on this story; last name of either is acceptable)'Rat Food'
1997 Nominee'I Am Infinite, I Contain Multitudes'
1997 Nominee'A Plague on Both Your Houses'
1997 Nominee'Madame Babylon'
1998 Winner'The Dead Boy at Your Window'
1998 Nominee'Blues-Born'
1998 Nominee'Autopsy Room Four'
1998 Nominee'The Rug'
1999 Winner'Aftershock'
1999 Nominee'The Grave'
1999 Nominee'The Entertainment'
1999 Nominee'Halloween Street'
2000 Winner'Gone'
2000 Nominee'Dead Cat Bounce'
2000 Nominee'Fallen Angel'
2000 Nominee'Mexican Moon'
2001 Winner'Reconstructing Amy'
2001 Nominee'I Am Your Need'
2001 Nominee'The Haunt'
2001 Nominee'Whose Puppets, Best and Worst, Are We?'
2002 Winner'The Misfit Child Grows Fat on Despair'
2002 Nominee'Disappearances'
2002 Nominee'The Green Man'
2002 Nominee'The Plague Species'
2002 Nominee'Details'
2003 Winner'Duty'
2003 Nominee'The Last Supper'
2003 Nominee'Harvey's Dream'
YearAuthorStory Name
2003 Nominee'The Haunting'
2003 Nominee'The Red Bow'
2004 Winner'Nimitseahpah'
2004 Nominee'Just Out of Reach'
2004 Nominee'A Madness of Starlings'
2004 Nominee'Hunting Meth Zombies in the Great Nebraskan Wasteland'
2004 Nominee'Singing My Sister Down'
2004 Nominee'Guts'
2005 Winner'We Now Pause for Station Identification'
2005 Nominee'Haeckel's Tale'
2005 Nominee'As Others See Us'
2005 Nominee'Times of Atonement'
2005 Nominee'Invisible'
2006 Winner'Tested'
2006 Nominee'FYI'
2006 Nominee'Feeding the Dead Inside'
2006 Nominee'Balance'
2006 Nominee'31/10'
2007 Winner'The Gentle Brush of Wings'
2007 Nominee'The Death Wagon Rolls on By'
2007 Nominee'Letting Go'
2007 Nominee'The Teacher'
2007 Nominee'There's No Light Between Floor'
2007 Nominee'Closet Dreams'
2008 WInner'The Lost'
2008 Nominee'Petrified'
2008 Nominee (two writers; either last name accepted)'The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft'
2008 Nominee'Evidence of Love in A Case of Abandonment'
2008 Nominee'Turtle'
2009 Winner'In the Porches of My Ears'
2009 Nominee'Keeping Watch'
2009 Nominee'The Crossing of Aldo Ray'
2009 Nominee'The Night Nurse'
2010 Winner'The Folding Man'
2010 Nominee'Return ot Mariabronn'
2010 Nominee'1925; A Fall River Halloween'
2010 Nominee'In the Middle of Poplar Street'
2010 Nominee'Final Draft'

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