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1987 Co-Winner'The Pear-Shaped Man'
1987 Co-winner'The Boy Who Came Back From the Dead'
1987 Nominee'Pamela's Get'
1987 Nominee'Resurrec Tech'
1988 Winner'Orange is for Anguish, Blue for Insanity'
1988 Nominee'The Skin Trade'
1988 Nominee'The Function of Dream Sleep'
1988 Nominee'The Juniper Tree'
1988 Nominee'The Night Flier'
1988 Nominee'Horrorshow'
1989 Winner'On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert With Dead Folks'
1989 Nominee'At First Just Ghostly'
1989 Nominee'The Confessions of St. James'
1989 Nominee'Phantom'
1990 Winner'Stephen'
1990 Nominee'Bestseller'
1990 Nominee'Entropy's Bed at Midnight'
1990 Nominee'Pelts'
1990 Nominee'The Langoliers'
1991 Winner'The Beautiful Uncut Hair of Graves'
1991 Nominee'Fetish'
1991 Nominee'Death Leaves an Echo'
1991 Nominee (two authors; give either's last name)'Advocates'
1991 Nominee'Magpie'
1992 Co-Winner'Alien:Tribes'
1992 Co-Winner'The Events Concerning a Nude Fold-Out Found in a Harlequin Romance'
1992 Nominee'Nothing Will Hurt You'
1992 Nominee'The Shrine'
1992 Nominee'For You, the Living'
1993 Co-Winner, Novella 'The Night We Buried Road Dog'
1993 Co-Winner, Novella'Mefisto in Onyx'
1993 Nominee, Novella'Flashback'
1993 Winner, Novelette'Death in Bangkok'
1993 Nominee, Novelette'Colour'
1993 Nominee, Novelette'Darker Angels'
1993 Nominee, Novelette'Death on the Nile'
1994 Winner'The Scent of Vinegar'
1994 Nominee'Sometimes, in the Rain'
1994 Nominee'The Alchemy of the Throat'
1994 Nominee'Bubba Ho-tep'
1994 Nominee'The Siren of Swan Quarter'
1995 Winner'Lunch at the Gotham Cafe'
1995 Nominee'Baby Girl Diamond'
1995 Nominee'Looking for Mr. Flip'
1995 Nominee'Lover Doll'
1996 Winner'The Red Tower'
1996 Nominee'Kilroy Was Here'
1996 Nominee'The Thing From Lover's Lane'
1996 Nominee'Brimstone and Salt'
1997 Winner'The Big Blow'
1997 Nominee'The Word'
1997 Nominee'Everything's Eventual'
1997 Nominee'Coppola's Dracula'
1997 Nominee'The Zombies of Madison County'
1998 Winner'Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff'
1998 Nominee'Leavings'
1998 Nominee'As Above, So Below'
1998 Nominee'What Would You Do For Love?'
1999 Winner'Mad Dog Summer'
1999 Nominee'Five Days in April'
1999 Nominee'Dread in the Beast'
1999 Nominee'Right to Life'
2000 Winner'The Man on the Ceiling'
2000 Nominee'Riding the Bullet'
2000 Nominee'In Shock'
2000 Nominee'God Screamed and Screamed, Then I Ate Him'
2001 Winner'In These Final Days of Sales'
2001 Nominee'From A to Z, in the Sarsaparilla Alphabet'
2001 Nominee'Demolition'
2001 Nominee'Earthworm Gods'
2001 Nominee'Northern Gothic'
2002 Co-Winner'El Dia de Los Muertos'
2002 Co-Winner'My Work is Not Yet Done'
2002 Nominee'Cape Wrath'
2002 Nominee'Coraline'
2002 Nominee'The Origin'
2003 Winner'Closing Time'
2003 NomineeThe Necromancer
2003 Nominee****' Lie Down Already
2003 NomineeLouisiana Breakdown
2003 NomineeRoll Them Bones
2004 Winner'The Turtle Boy'
2004 Nominee'Zora and the Zombie'
2004 Nominee'Lisey and the Madman'
2004 NomineeDead Man's Hand
2004 NomineeNorthwest Passage
2005 Winner'Best New Horror'
2005 Nominee'In the Midnight Museum'
2005 Nominee'The Things They Left Behind'
2005 Nominee'Some Zombie Contingency Plans'
2006 WinnerDark Harvest
2006 NomineeHallucigenia
2006 NomineeMama's Boy
2006 Nominee (two authors; give either last name)Bloodstained Oz
2006 NomineeClubland Heroes
2007 WinnerAfterward, There Will Be A Hallway
2007 NomineeAlmost the Last Story by Almost the Last Man
2007 NomineeGeneral Slocum's Gold
2007 NomineeThe Tenth Muse
2007 NomineeAn Apiary of White Bees
2008 WinnerMiranda
2008 NomineeThe Shallow End of the Pool
2008 NomineeRedemption Roadshow
2008 NomineeThe Confessions of St. Zach
2009 WinnerThe Lucid Dreaming
2009 NomineeDreaming Robot Monster
2009 NomineeThe Hunger of Empty Vessels
2009 NomineeDoc Good's Traveling Show
2010 WinnerInvisible Fences
2010 NomineeThe Painted Darkness
2010 NomineeDissolution
2010 NomineeMonsters Among Us
2010 NomineeThe Samhanach

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