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QUIZ: Can you name the Nominees for the Bram Stoker award for BestFiction Collection?

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1987 WinnerThe Essential [Author's Name]
1987 NomineeMidnight Pleasures
1987 NomineeScared Stiff
1987 NomineeWhy Not You Or I?
1987 NomineeAll About Strange Monsters of The Recent Past
1988 Winner[Author's Name]: Selected Stories
1988 NomineeThe Toynbee Convector
1988 NomineeBlood and Water and Other Tales
1988 NomineeThe Blood Kiss
1988 NomineeAngry Candy
1988 NomineeScare Tactics
1989 Winner[Author's Name]: Selected Stories
1989 NomineeBlue World
1989 NomineeBy Bizarre Hands
1989 NomineePatterns
1989 NomineeSoft and Others
1990 WinnerFour Past Midnight
1990 NomineeHouses Without Doors
1990 NomineePrayers To Broken Stones
1990 NomineeThe Brains of Rats
1991 WinnerPrayers To Broken Stones (nope, not an error)
1991 NomineeWaking Nightmares
1991NomineeSex Punks & Savage Sagas
1991 NomineeThe Naked Flesh of Feeling
1992 WinnerMr. Fox and Other Feral Tales
1992 NomineeNightmare Flower
1992 NomineeFantastic Tales
1993 WinnerAlone With the Horrors
1993 NomineeClose to the Bone
1993 NomineeA Good and Secret Place
1993 NomineeLovedeath
1993 NomineeNightmares and Dreamscapes
1994 WinnerThe Early Fears
1994 NomineeWriter of the Purple Rage
1994 NomineeThe Flesh Artist
1994 NomineeBorn Bad
1995 WinnerThe Panic Hand
1995 NomineeCages
1995 NomineeThe Black Carousel
1995 NomineeStrange Highways
1996 WinnerThe Nightmare Factory
1996 NomineeThe Convulsion Factory
1996 NomineeShadow Dreams
1996 NomineeWith Wounds Still Wet
1996 NomineeThe Pavillion of Frozen Women
1997 Winner (give name of writer or editor)Exorcisms and Ecstasies
1997 NomineeThings Left Behind
1997 NomineeThe Throne of Bones
1997 NomineePainted in Blood
1998 WinnerBlack Butterflies
1998 NomineeLeavings
1998 NomineeSmoke and Mirrors
1998 NomineeThe Cleft and Other Odd Tales
1999 WinnerThe Nightmare Chronicles
1999 NomineeDeath Drives a Semi
1999 NomineeHearts in Atlantis
1999 NomineeDeep into that Darkness Peering
2000 WinnerMagic Terror
2000 NomineeUp, Out of Cities That Blow Hot and Cold
2000 NomineeWind Over Heaven and Other Dark Tales
2000 NomineeCity Fishing
2001 WinnerThe Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists
2001 NomineeThe Dark Fantastic
2001 NomineeAs the Sun Goes Down
2001 NomineeThe Whisperer and Other Voices
2002 WinnerOne More for the Road
2002 NomineeNations of the Living, Nations of the Dead
2002 NomineeKnucles and Tales
2002 NomineeEverything's Eventual
2002 NomineeThe Collection
2003 WinnerPeaceable Kingdom
2003 NomineeGraveyard People: The Collected Cedar Hill Stories Vol. 1
2003 NomineeTold by the Dead
2003 NomineeBibliomancy
2004 WinnerFearful Symmetries
2004 Nominee100 Jolts: Shockingly Short Stories
2004 NomineeThe Machinery of Night
2004 NomineeDemonized
2004 NomineeFears Unnamed
2005 Winner20th Century Ghosts
2005 NomineeMagic for Beginners
2005 NomineeLooking for Jake
2005 NomineeHaunted
2006 WinnerDestinations Unknown
2006 NomineeAmerican Morons
2006 NomineeThe Commandments
2006 NomineeThe Empire of Ice Cream
2006 NomineeBasic Black: Tales of Appropriate Fear
2007 Co-WinnerProverbs for Monsters
2007 Co-Winner5 Stories
2007 NomineeThe Imago Sequence
2007 NomineeOld Devil Moon
2007 NomineeDefining Moments
2008 WinnerJust After Sunset
2008 NomineeThe Number 121 to Pennsylvania
2008 NomineeMama's Boy and Other Dark Tales
2008 NomineeMr. Gaunt and Other Uneasy Encounters
2008 NomineeGleefully Macabre Tales
2009 WinnerA Taste of Tenderloin
2009 NomineeMartyrs and Monsters
2009 NomineeGot to Kill Them All and Other Stories
2009 NomineeIn the Closet, Under the Bed
2010 WinnerFull Dark, No Stars
2010 NomineeOccultation
2010 NomineeBlood and Gristle
2010 NomineeThe Ones That Got Away
2010 NomineeA Host of Shadows

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