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Popular HBO series based on 1950s horror comics.
Iconic science fiction series narrated by Rod Serling (originally).
Semi-anthology police show based on the noir procedural film of the same name
Successor show to #1 that drew material from 1950s science fiction comics.
Showtime series of short films by horror auteurs.
Similar to #5, but adapted for network television.
'There is nothing wrong with your TV set.' Famous science fiction series.
One of the many drama anthology series of the 1950s and early 1960s, this one stood out for presenting 90 minute plays instead of 60 minute ones.
The first successful American television series.
Boris Karloff hosted this thriller/horror series.
'Good Evening.' Thriller series hosted by the Master of Suspense.
Cartoon Network collection of Canadian animation.
Soft core Showtime series hosted by. . . David Duchovny
Semi-anthology following two young men's travels across America.
Horror anthology that ran for one season in 2001.
Semi-documentary that re-enacts and explains unusual deaths.
Based on a popular series of children's horror books.
Spin-off from a popular slasher franchise.
'The Plane! The Plane!' Mr. Roarke shows you the errors of your ways.
Steven Spielberg created this sci/fi, fantasy, and horror series.
George Romero produced show; a spin-off from the Creepshow films
This show chronicled the meetings of the 'Midnight Society--' young people who told scary stories.
Rod Serling's first big hit was on this program, sponsored by a well-known cheesemaker.
PBS series famous for its Edward Gorey credits
Hosted by the creator of #2; an art gallery provides the framing device for the series.

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