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Can you name the Shugo Chara Characters?

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The Main character.
Always cheers, yes, thats all she does.
Always levelheaded, but she has lots of crushes.
She's an airhead.
She is knew, or the fourth Guardian Character.
Amu's first crush.
He has a very good evil laugh.
The First Queen Chair. (He's a guy.)
She doesn't want to get her kimono dirty.
He needs to calm down.
She is very cute, and she likes to curl up in a ball.
This Guardian Character has a cute laugh.
The First Jack Chair.
He and Ran are very competitive...
She is very immature, but you can count on her.
She looks very cute with her bunny ears.
Mr. Class President, he is smart.
He is a true samurai.
Amu's second crush, and Tadase's rival.
He is very mischievous, and is very cool.
A very famous singer, and Ikuto's little sister.
The devil.
The Angel.
Mr. Director.
The 'Embryo's' real owner.
The very energetic, (and slightly annoying) second grader.
She is very calm and polite. She is the balance to Rikka.

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