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This word means to be very anxious, like when you are taking this very test.
President Kennedy's assassination was now known as a ________.
Like liquid this word is as easy to understand as it is to contain liquid.
This word is based of the fax machine, and the phrase that uses both the words like or as.
While some people find insects gross and ______, i disagree as I find them fascinating, beautiful and not strange-looking at all.
When someone talks in a manner that is difficult to comprehend they are being ________.
This word comes from the Greek word of 'hypnosis' meaning putting into a trance or to be fascinated.
This word is used when a caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly, or any other change in form.
Criminals and robbers have a ______ reputation to be bad.
When ever we have to write an essay, you have to get the reader interested in the paragraph; so always have a ________ paragraph or sentence so your reader does not get bored.
Shakespeare's play Hamlet was made into a ______ when Veggietales made into a disrespectful imitation, entitled Shakespeare's Omlet,
To some, history and chemistry are two classes that people give ______ glances because they are bored or don't care about those subjects.
This word means to be very sorry
One could confuse this word with the word cursive because of the similarity..
Cats are related to lions as dogs are _______ to wolves.
The Baudelaire siblings were in one of these awful situations.
Often in nature many animals, objects, or buildings are very balanced.
When one uses more words than needed, you may call him or her a _____ person... or a show-off, or a nerd.....or just plain obnoxious.
While the walls are a very colorful hue, the white walls in the family room are very _____, meaning very plain.
When it comes to clothes or fashion, you would like a critic, unlike me.

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