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Can you name the character from the house of the scorpion?

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The main character, the beast, the clone.
The powerful drug lord AKA the vampire.
The drug lord's son. Deceased.
The drug lord's great-grandson.
She always carries around a 'little bit of laudanum. AKA a 'druggie'.
One of the last generations of Alacrans. The oldest.
One of the last generations of Alacrans. The second son.
Son of the 'druggie' and the second drug lord.
The second drug lord, had a clone who meowed like a cat.
The main character thinks of her as his mom. She took care of him as he grew up. She is also the cheif chef.
The main character's 'dad'. He is a bodyguard.
A powerful politician in the U.S.
She wants to be a vet, the oldest daughter of the U.S politician.
The youngest daughter of the politician, and the main characters love interest.
The wife of the politician, she lives in Opium.
On the powerful drug lord's body guard.
She's a house keeper and the clone's jailer.
The clone's doctor.
A pianist, was the clone's music teacher.
One of the Keepers, claimed the clone was a murderer.
One of the Keepers incharge of the shrimp factory.
One of the Keepers.
One of the Lost Boys. He wants to make a guitar.
A Lost Boy. He is only eight years old and is very puny.
A Lost Boy who stutters and is also the driver of the shrimp harvesters.
The Oldest Lost Boy.
The Lost Boy who works as a nurse.
A dog who looks like a rat. Deceaed.

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