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In Commando, what does John Matrix use to kill Bennett?
In Scary Movie 2, what weapon is used to kill Ray Wilkins in the bathroom?
In The Terminator, what does Sarah Connor use to kill the Terminator?
In Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, what does Hatchet Harry use to beat one his henchmem to death?
In The Chronicles of Riddick, what does Riddick use to kill one of the guards at Crematoria?
In Aladdin and The Forty Thieves, what does Aladdin's father use to kill Saluk?
In Fargo, what does Gaear Grimsrud use to finish off his partner Carl Showalter?
In Jaws, what does Sheriff Brody aim his shotgun at to kill the shark?
In Universal Soldier, what does Luc Devereaux use to kill Andrew Scott?
In Spiderman, what does Spiderman quickly evade that eventually kills The Green Goblin?
In Mulan, what does Mulan use to kill Shan-Yu?
In Shaun Of The Dead, what does Shaun use to kill zombies?
In Inglorious Basterds, what does the Bear Jew use to kill Sgt. Rachtman?
In Sin City, what does Marv use to kill Kevin?
In Batman, what does Batman use to kill The Joker?
In There Will Be Blood, what does Daniel Plainview use to kill Eli Sunday?
In Xmen: First Class, what does Magneto use to kill Sebastian Shaw?
In The Lion King, how does Scar die?
In The Dark Knight, what does The Joker use to kill one of Gamble's henchmen?
In Face/Off, what does Sean Archer use to kill Castor Troy?
In Edward Scissorhands, what does Edward use to kill Jim?
In Freddy vs Jason, what does Jason use to 'kill' Freddy?
In License to Kill, waht does Franz Sanchez use to kill his partner Milton Krest?
In Bad Boys 2, after getting shot in the head, what really finishes off Johnny Tapia?
In Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, what does Mad Max use to kill Pappagallo?
In Tomorrow Never Dies, what does James Bond use to kill Elliott Carver?
In Broken Arrow, what does Hale use to kill Deakins?

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