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DescriptionJournalistPrimary Medium
Companion of The Doctor aboard the TARDIS and later the star of her own spinoff seriesTelevision
Television reporter for Channel 6 news with an affinity for turtlesComics/Television
One-time editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle and an occasional Spider-Man antagonistComics
One-time employee of the above publication and Spider-Man's 'official' photographerComics
The answer to this question is the television journalist in Pawnee who matches this description. Ya Heard?Television
Not the automobile, but the researcher for the mostly harmless Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyLiterature
Investigative journalist and co-owner of the Milennium magazine in Stockholm, Sweden. Here there be dragon tattoos.Literature
Comic reporter/adventurer who travels around the world with his dog, SnowyComics
Uses her Quick-Quotes-Quill to become quite a thorn-in-the-side while working for wizarding newspaper The Daily ProphetLiterature
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...oh. Just that bumbling Daily Planet reporter again. My mistake.Comics
Reporter for the Daily Planet who is in love with Superman...until he puts on his glasses.Comics
Daily Planet photojournalist and 'Superman's Best Pal'Comics
Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Planet and boss of the three previous answers. Comics
A thirtysomthing single woman in London who started her life as a newspaper column before being adapted into two novelizations, and, eventually, Renée ZellwegerLiterature/Movies
DescriptionJournalistPrimary Medium
He may not be a real pundit, but he plays one on TV. He is America (And So Can You!)Television
Emmy-winning anchor for Channel 6 and Smartline in SpringfieldTelevision
Recovering alcoholic and investigative journalist at FYI for 10 seasons on CBSTelevision
Runs the New York Inquirer before running for governor in Orson Welles' 1941 filmMovies
Canadian-American who worked as a morning show host for Metro News 1, but, um...Let's go to the mall!Television
The fast-talking daughter of Lorelai, she works for the Chilton paper The Franklin before writing for the Yale Daily News Television
This longtime anchor of the UBS evening news is mad as hell, and he's not going to take this anymore!Movies
The balding, bespectacled, bow-tied anchor and incompetent news director at WKRP. He's terrified of communists. Television
Bombastic, chain-smoking, insubordinate news anchor at WNYX, played by Phil HartmanTelevision
Worked for Sesame Street News before becoming the Stage Manager of The Muppet Show. It ain't easy being green in a black-and-white business.Television
Freelance writer of the weekly New York newspaper column 'Sex And The City'Television
This Devil wears Prada as editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine 'Runway'. Literature/Movies
This mustachioed Channel 4 anchorman is a 70's legend. And he's not bad with a jazz flute.Movies
Quahog 5's own Asian reporter. She's not allowed inside the Park-Barrington Hotel.Television

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