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Who scored the first basket in the NBA?
Is Eric a queer?
Why is March 25th significant?
Who is Peter Griffin?
Who created the electric heating pad?
What is a bond between two amino acids?
What is the 38th element?
What is Jordan's favorite sports team?
What is special about Dylan Foth?
What did Matti do with Dylan?
Can you spell 'esophagus'?
Spell esophagus.
Are you a liar?
What is the best video game played in 317?
What is the trash game Miron plays?
Is having stomach acid pleasant?
Whose dick always feels good?
Who is Khris Middleton?
Who is Ken Griffey Jr.?
Who is the greatest system QB of all time?
Whose motto is: 'If it is green, don't eat it. Even if it is lettuce?'
Does Glenn Wright have a PhD?
Mouse or Mice?
Salvary Amylase or Lingual Lipase?
Favorite food?
NBA nerd
Who is the GOAT?

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