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Can you name the codes to the wizard spells from The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight?

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Summon ElementalCreates a fire-being from the raw elements of the universe to join and fight for your party.
Fanskar's Force FocusLands a cone of gravitational energy on a group of your foes, inflicting 25 to 100 points of damage.
GateBids a shadowy wraith to unwillingly join your party.
Demon BaneInflicts 100 to 400 points of damage on a single creature of evil or supernatural origin.
Flame ColumnCreates a cyclone of flame that lashes out and delivers 22 to 88 points of damage to a group of your foes.
DispossessReturns a possessed party member to the normal state of consciousness.
Prime SummoningForces a powerful undead creature to join and fight for your party.
Animate DeadReanimates a dead character with living strength so he or she attacks enemies as if truly alive — combat only spell.
Baylor's Spell BindIf successful, this spell possesses the mind of an enemy and forces him to join and fight for your party.
Storal’s Soul WhipWhips out a tendril of psionic (mind) power to strike a selected foe, inflicting 50 to 200 damage points.
Greater SummoningOperates like Prime Summoning but causes a powerful elemental creature to appear and fight for the party.
Beyond DeathRestores life and one hit point to a deceased character.
Wacum’s Wizard WarCreates a pyrotechnical storm over a group of monsters, inflicting 50 to 200 damage points.
Summon HerbSummons Herb to join your party. Herb is really busy, but he’ll hang out with your party for a while if you need him.

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