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Can you name the codes to the sorcerer spells from The Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate?

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Mangar's Mind JabCasts a concentrated blast of energy at one opponent, inflicting 2 to 8 points of damage for each experience level of the spellcaster.
Phase BlurCauses the entire party to become blurry in the eyes of the enemy, making your party tougher to strike.
Locate TrapsHeightens the spellcaster’s awareness for trap detecting. Works for 30' in the direction that the spellcaster is facing.
DisbelieveReveals an attacking illusion for the true nonphysical object that it is, causing it to vanish.
Wind WarriorCreates the illusion of a battle-ready ninja in the ranks of your party. The illusionary ninja will fight until defeated or disbelieved.
Word of FearAn incantation that causes a group of enemies to quake in fear, thus reducing their ability to attack and inflict damage.
Wind OgreLike Elik’s Instant Ogre, it summons a mean, illusionary ogre to join your party.
Kylearan’s Invisibility SpellInvoke this spell to render the entire party nearly invisible to the enemy.
Second SightHeightens awareness so the spellcaster can detect all traps and tricks that lie directly ahead.
Cat EyesEndows the entire party with perfect night vision for an indefinite period of time.
Wind DragonCreates an illusionary red dragon to join the ranks of your party.
Disrupt IllusionDestroys any illusions among the ranks of the enemy and prevents new illusions from appearing.
Mangar's Mind BladeAn electric spell that strikes every opposing group within range with an explosion of energy capable of inflicting 25 to 100 points of damage.
Wind GiantCreates an illusionary elemental giant that joins your party and fights up a storm.
Sorcerer SightOperates like the trap-detecting Second Sight spell, but lasts indefinitely.
RimefangRakes enemies with shards of ice, inflicting 50 to 200 points of damage.
Wind HeroCreates an illusionary hero with the power of hurricane winds to join your party.
Mage MaelstromAssaults a group of opposing spellcasters and may do one of the following: inflict 60 to 240 points of damage, turn them to stone, or kill them outright. However, because the maelstrom is illusionary in nature, a disbelieving enemy can totally nullify it.
PreclusionKeeps the enemy from being able to summon any creatures.

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