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Can you name the codes to the sorcerer spells from Tales of the Unknown, Vol. 1: The Bard's Tale?

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Mangar's Mind JabThe mage casts a concentrated blast of psychic energy at one opponent doing 2-8 hits of damage for each experience level of the mage.
Phase BlurThe entire party will seem to waver and blur in the sight of the monsters, making the party very difficult to strike.
Locate TrapsIn a state of magically-heightened awareness, the spell caster will be able to sense a trap within 30 feet, if he faces it.
Hypnotic ImageIf successfully cast, this spell will make a group of your enemies miss the following attack round.
DisbelieveThis spell will reveal the true of any illusion attacking the party, causing it to instantly vanish.
Target-DummyA magical illusion appears in the party's special slot. Unable too attack, it will serve to draw enemy attacks to himself.
Mangar's Mind FistA higher power 'Mind Jab', does 3-12 hits of damage to one foe, times the experience level of the mage.
Word of FearThis incantation will make a group of your enemies shake in fear, reducing their ability to attack and do damage.
Wind WolfThis spell creates an illusionary wolf to join the party. This and other illusions are only effective as long as an enemy 'believes' them. Depending on power and location, the monster may see through the illusion, and cause it to vanish.
Kylearan's Vanishing SpellThe mage casting this spell will turn nearly invisible in the eyes of his enemies, who will have great difficulty in striking him.
Second SightThe mage will experience heightened awareness and be able to sense stairways, special encounters, spell negation zones, and other unusual occurrences.
CurseCauses a group of your enemies to fear you greatly, lessening their morale and their ability to hit and damage you.
Cat EyesThe member's of the mage's party will all receive perfect night-vision, which will last indefinitely.
Wind WarriorThis spell will create the illusion of a battle-ready warrior that joins your party.
Kylearan's Invisibility SpellThis invocation will perform a Vanishing Spell on the entire party.
Wind OgreThis spell will create the illusion of an ogre, which will accompany and fight with your party.
Disrupt IllusionThis spell will destroy any illusion fighting the party, and any new illusions created later in the combat. It will also point out any dopplegangers in the party.
Mangar's Mind BladeA sharp explosion of psychic energy that inflicts 10-40 hits to each and every enemy you face.
Wind DragonThis incantation will create an illusionary red dragon to fight with your party.
Mind WarpThis spell will make a member of your party go totally insane. Useful for possessions.
Wind GiantThis spell will create an illusionary storm giant, to join with, and fight for, your party.
Sorcerer SightThis spell functions the same as the 'second sight', but it will last indefinitely.

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