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Can you name the interpretation of each symbol in Lehi's dream of the tree of life? Please comment with any wordings that aren't accepted but you think should be.

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Dark and Dreary Waste1 Nephi 8:7
Large and Spacious Field1 Nephi 8:9, 20
Tree of Life1 Nephi 8:10; 11:21-22, 25; 15:21-22
Fruit of the Tree1 Nephi 8:11-12
River of Filthy Water1 Nephi 8:13; 12:16; 15:26-36
Rod of Iron1 Nephi 8:19; 11:24-25; 15:23-25
Mists of Darkness1 Nephi 8:23; 12:17, 19-23; 13:1-9, 20-29
Great and Spacious Building1 Nephi 8:26; 11:26-36; 12:18
Fountain of Living Waters1 Nephi 11:25

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