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Forced Order
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What was Agent Washington's old name?
What fragment of the Alpha's personality was in Gamma?
What was the first name of Captain Flowers?
When is Donut's daily wine and cheese hour?
Why was Theta assigned to North?
What was the number assigned to the scenario that the Reds and Blues went through?
What color is Carolina's hair?
What was Agent Maine/the Meta's original AI?
Before the twins' operation, what was the order of the top 6 Freelancers?
During the twin's operation, what was on the soldier's coffee mugs?
Fill in the blank. 'You're ______. Having friends just ruins the experience.'
What quadrant was mentioned when Donut first shows up to red base?
Who was the first one Tex killed in Sidewinder?
What did Simmons say when Tucker revealed his plan to stop Tex in season 8?
What is Tex's real name?
When Church learned that Tucker's first name was Lavernius, what did he immediately assume?
What does Simmons want to call Sarge while he's in the projection room?
What name does Lopez come up for himself when he is introduced to Sheila?
What is the name the aliens gave to the humans?
Who is the one person that is unaffected by O'Malley?
As of season 13, what was the last Freelancer in the timeline to die?
How many leaders came before Kimbell?
During the Red's escape from Valhalla in season 8, what makes Church close the gap?
What did Wash say at the first sight of Sharkface?
And, finally, what were the last words of the Alpha?

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