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QUIZ: Can you name the Spanish words beginning with c??

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Spanish Girl's Name
Something You Take A Picture With
Question Word
Single Digit Number
Something You Wash Your Hair With
Animal Found In A Rodeo
Mode Of Transportation
What Keeps You Alive
Where Your Brain Is
Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
Utensil Used To Eat Soup
Body Part
Where You Go When You Feel Tired
A Food That Will Make You Cry
Caffeine Drink
Utensil Used To Cut Food
Summer Weather
Pay This At A Restaurant
Shakira's Profession
School Subject
What You Live In
Where You Make Food
Where A Princess Lives
Comic Strip = Tira De ______
Needed For Math
Physical Activity
What You Get In The Mail
What You Do In The Mall
What Hairdressers Do
Where Criminals Are
African Animal
Spanish Lollipop
Rooms In The House
How You Clean Your Teeth
What You Eat At Night
Young Child

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