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Track NumberSongBeginning Lyrics
1How many times, can I push it aside. Is it time I befriended all the ghosts of all the things that haunt me most.
2I listen to the sirens as they sing me back to sleep. I pray that no one's seriously hurt.
3To know her is to love her, I'm going undercover, to catch a glimpse but not get caught.
4A solar flare shines through her hair, its so unfair when you compare, the one whose fairest of the fair.
5I've been workin with adhesives, chains and locks and ropes with knots to tether.
6I swear this to you, I swear that this is not the truth.
7I never thought I'd be driving through the country just to drive, with only music and the clothes that I woke up in.
8I'll admit to who I am, the day I come to understand. I haven't got a clue, been searching for a few years now.
Track NumberSongBeginning Lyrics
9Lying on my side, knowing of thirst is how I'll die, chalk on my tongue.
10Savannah, Savannah.
11Savannah, I hope to be there by the morning.
12Baby, it's all that I can do to thank you.
13I got a chill and I wanted to say it was you. Be still because what I'm about to say is the truth.
14I can't keep a straight face and say this is not the end, not if you want it, it's upon on us and I want to say it's sinking in.
15'' If I was hasty, maybe I was rushed along. I won't move into little boxes and then not get the itch to move on.

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