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Forced Order
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The character they killed off for no reason in the ninja war of Naruto
The shut-in IT guy of Sakurasou
The song name of Log Horizon opening
The anime that has the line 'Your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!'
Rider's identity in Fate/Zero
Main Character of SNAFU (Yahari ore no seishun)
The prince in Gekkan Shouko Nozaki-kun
The girl who gets Araragi's name wrong in Bakemonogatari
Main character of Haikyuu
The meat girl in Shokugeki No Soma
The headless rider in Durarara
The captain that didn't know the name of his sword in Bleach
Protagonist of Gintama
Main Character of One Piece
Rin Tohsaka's Rival in Fate Kalied liner Prisma illya
Blonde Girl in Nisekoi
The one who says Tuturu
Ippo's special move used in a rolling pattern
The famous western star Amagi Brilliant Park is alluding to with the protagonist
The archer antagonist of the Fate series
Protagonist of Fate Stay Night
The song name of Ping Pong the Animation opening
The Ultimate Baseball Star of Danganronpa
The enemy of L in Death Note
The nickname of the little girl in Anohana
The little girl protagonist of Barakamon
The female titan in Shigeki no Kyojin
Blue-haired lady in HighSchool DxD
Protagonist of Hitman Reborn
The one true bro in Ore Monogatari
White haired man in Death Parade
The ace of Too Academy in Kuroko no Basket
The last one who did human transmutation in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Girlfriend of the protagonist in Sword Art Online
The iron dragon slayer in Fairy Tail
Protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh GX (English)
Main Character of Tokyo Ghoul
Protagonist of Persona 4
Blonde male friend in Yu-Gi-Oh (English name)
The parasite in Izumi's Right Hand in Kiseijuu
The butler in Kuroshitsuji
Main character of Yowamushi Pedal
The first girl Yamada kissed in Yamada-kun and the seven witches
Lelouch's love interest that dies?
Mahouka koukou no rettousei protagonist
The protagonist of Shinsekai Yori
The song name of the Tokyo Ghoul opening
The name of the purple haired one in The Devil is a part timer? (Official title)
The first person Aladdin goes into a dungeon with in Magi
The Flugel that follows Sora in No Game No Life

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