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Can you name the cathedrals of the Church of Scotland, the Scottish Episcopal Church and The Roman Catholic Church in Scotland?

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The Church of Scotland is Presbyterian: it has no bishops or official cathedrals. However, it still possesses most of the still-funtioning churches in Scotland which held cathedral status until the Reformation (16th-17th Century): most of these still carry the name 'Cathedral' as an honorific. The remaining five pre-Reformation cathedrals, having been ruined (with one since restored), are now in the care of Historic Scotland, but are available as bonus answers. The Scottish Episcopal Church - part of the Anglican Communion - and the Roman Catholic Church both possess cathedrals in Scotland, all of which were established between the 18th and 20th Centuries.
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'Cathedral' of the Church of Scotland
Cathedral of the Scottish Episcopal Church
Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Province of St Andrews &… [A]
Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Province of… [B]

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