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QUIZ: Can you name the most important towns and cities in Roman Britain?

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Roman NameModern NameProbable Status
Isurium BrigantumCivitas (Brigantes)
Petuaria Civitas (Parisi)
Isca AugustaLegionary Fortress
Uenta SilurumCivitas (Silures)
Uenta IcenorumCivitas (Iceni)
Durouernum CantiacorumCivitas (Cantiaci)
Moridunum Civitas (Demetae)
LuguualiumCivitas (Caruetii), possible Provincial Capital (Valentia)
Deua UictrixLegionary Fortress
Nouiomagus RegnorumCivitas (Regni)
Corinium DobunnorumCivitas (Dobunni), Provincial Capital (Britannia I)
CamulodunumColonia, Legionary Fortress, Provincial Capital (Britannia)
DurnouariaCivitas (Durotriges)
Isca DumnoniorumCivitas (Dumnonii), Legionary Fortress
GleuumColonia, Legionary Fortress
Ratae CorieltauorumCivitas (Corieltaui), Legionary Fortress
LindumColonia, Legionary Fortress, Provincial Capital (Flavia Caesariensis)
LondiniumProvincial Capital (Britannia, Britannia Superior, Maxima Caesariensis)
Calleua AtrebatumCivitas (Atrebates)
UerulamiumCivitas (Catuuelauni)
Uenta BelgarumCivitas (Belgae)
Uiroconium CornouiorumCivitas (Cornouii), Legionary Fortress
EboracumColonia, Legionary Fortress, Provincial Capital (Britannia Inferior, Britannia II)

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