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The scariest girl you could meet, a hulk when her temper's in heat. MP3 is her joy, nearly attacked some boy, but the girl who stole it got her beat
Can anyone else have his wit? His quipping has made him a hit. Smart and funny, for sure, idiots he endures, and prefers to rest up or just sit.
She's natural, pretty and so smart, the true best friend, right from the start. Though she's clumsy, she's sweet, but the game got her beat, though no one can deny she's got heart
She's kind, but she's so creepy too, talks to insects, reads auras, it's true. She got framed for a theft, that's the reason she left, but I hope we'll see her again soon.
A fangirl who's kind of insane, a million is what she must gain, but a boy is her goal, wants his heart, mind and soul, but he fears her, she's causing him pain
Now this girl is scarily tall, it seems like she'll have no downfall. But she does have a fear, though the host doesn't care, he traps her in a closed hamster ball
He's a model, incredibly hot, but a charmer, he really is not. Cannot think without looks, cause his eyes aren't for books, just for proving that looks mean a lot.
She just loves to freak people out, all she does is act crazy and loud. Stalking a few boys, bringing her Big O joys, and time travel she's got figured out.
She only signed up for a dare, but she's acing things now that she's here. Winning it left and right, but she's picking a fight, when for another girl's boyfriend she cares
Thinks stage presence is where it's at, but that's cause she's a pageant brat, sly and sneaky, she is, has a crush on the wiz, and her gross habits have made her fat
Now this is the kid with a plan, use his mental skills only to stand. He looks like a kid, but seeing what he did, we can tell that's he's become a man
A contestant who always plays fair, but to win is the reason she's there. A resourceful teammate, and who Dave wants to date, but she won't, although for him she cares
Yeah, he's weird and he's skinny and pale, we think he's useless cause he's frail. His skills are a surprise, cause when he really tries, the team he is on cannot fail.
The definition of a dumb jock, this guy thinks he's totally hot. Thinks one girl is a guy, self-esteem flying high, he just acts like a total big shot.
She's awkward, geeky and inept, but from zero to hero she stepped. She's as nice as they come As a friend, she's so fun, and the million dollars she kept.
She's a Disney princess lookalike, with dark hair and clothes like Snow White. She will sing all the time, and her voice does sound fine, but must she always be so bright?
No one remembers his name, least of all his girl, isn't that lame? Thinks he's awesome at sports, contrary to his thoughts, he actually sucks at most games
He thinks he's the coolest one there, but I think he's full of hot air, wants to be the new host, but his career is toast, because Chris is the only host here
She may act like she's smart, sweet and kind, but this girl is a dark mastermind. Acts innocent to gain, then she'll flip, turn insane, and lets evil take over her mind
He says he's the worst of the worst, when will that bubble be burst? He's an arrogant guy, his ambiton's sky-high, but in evil, his rank isn't first.
She's a liar who cannot shut up, and at challenges, we think that she'll suck, made to be hurled home first, cause her talk is the worst, maybe next time, she'll have better luck
A genius, we know she is not, although some say her figure is hot. Sweetest girl you can find, even with a slow mind, and on this show, we know she was robbed
She says she's the prettiest there, but the way that she acts isn't fair. If it's hard, she won't try, she just sprays her hair high, and ten pounds of fake tan she will wear.
A dude who will party all day, until sixth place, he managed to stay. But he was way too nice, no one had to think twice, about voting him off? Wait, no way!
She is on this show only for fame, determined to make all know her name. As an intern, she learned, that outside of that world, exposure will not be her gain
So this one is a militant type, a team player, always does what is right. He does look kind of gruff, but he isn't that tough, and he lost just for saving a life
A guy who is going to win, no matter who's once made it in he seems nice but we know, that what he doesn't show, doesn't care who he hurts if he wins
He thinks he's the normal one here, but he freaks if hygiene isn't near. Going crazy for Sky, thinks that she's only shy, but really, romance isn't there.
Try out for a show and get in, this girl's only in it to win! She's not looking for friends, just to stay to the end, but her patience is wearing quite thin.
He thinks he doesn't have to try, with the girls, but we know that's a lie. But he's still pretty sweet, by a bear he was beat. Overall, he is still a nice guy

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