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A is forThe main character
B is forA room in the stepdad's house
C is forWhere the main character used to live
D is forA family member
E is forAn ugly old-fashioned name
F is forWhat Aileen used to be to the main character.
G is forThe place the main character goes to after school
H is forA Japanese poem with a certain number of syllables
I is forFlu is an example of this.
J is forA kind of dessert the main character likes.
K is forThe main character's bullying stepsister
L is forA large body of water
M is forWhat the main character's oldest stepbrother is
N is forA time where the main character's stepsister watches horror movies.
O is forPeople at a certain age
P is forPictures of the main character
Q is forThings that the main character is asked
R is forThe main character's little mascot
S is forLight that is given off by the sky at night
T is forWhat it is at the end of an episode of Andy Pandy
U is forAsleep or knocked out
V is forA homeless person
W is forWhat a mat in a doorway often says
X is forAn abbreviated version of an international holiday
Y is forA kind of boat
Z is forThe main character's baby half-sister

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