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He's a bully, of that we are sure, with the manners of a wild boar. But he does have a heart, you can tell from the start that he's crushing on rich-girl the bore.
The idealist that's full of ideas, it seems like there's nothing he fears. Full of good advice. and unusually nice, unaware of the stalker most fear.
She's the smartest of girls you could know, failure is her one ultimate foe. Her best friend's loyal slave, so compliant, I'm amazed, that she never just stops and says no.
She's pretty, she's smart and she's kind, anyone who denies that is blind. She can string guys along, break their hearts then she's gone, but she won't, cause she's ever so kind.
A winner, smart, pretty and sweet, her visits to her home are a treat, her parents worship her, unlike her little sister, in every area she is beat.
Always so cheerful and bright, those who call him a jinx are so right. Always says 'I'm okay', some are sure that he's gay, but whenever he falls, laughs aren't light.
The Head of the Fashion Police, can't someone arrest her, oh please? She's too mean to be free, snobby, stuck-up is she, and she thinks she's admired? Per-lease!
He's so cool and so smooth with the girls, so he says, but he makes their lips curl. Cool and a great friend, stand by you to the end, but let's hope that he'll date the smart girl
She's the girl who gives all the kids hell, but for the boy with blonde hair she fell. She keeps calling him names, he just ignores her games, and her love for him she'll never tel
He loves her, there's no doubt of that, why else would his nose's bones crack? He's always breathing loudly, and stalking her soundly, till she knows his love and accepts that.
A bully - that is how she's known, but really, she just feels alone. A nice girl underneath, which most kids won't believe, cause to mess with her is to get thrown.
Superstition could rule his whole life, paranoia causes all his strife. Backwards cap and weird nose, a sixth grade crush he chose, the pranks played with his friends gets him hype
That kid at the back of the class, his lenses are like one-way glass. He is quiet, perhaps, seconds before he snaps! He goes crazy and frightens his class.

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