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Winchester is in which UK county?
Winchester's roman road is called?
Which monument stands at the bottom of said road?
Which marks the top of which other street?
Which pub on said street calls itself 'The Oldest Bar in England'?
Which motorway passes Winchester, connecting Southampton and London?
Which river runs through Winchester?
Which has its estuary in which port city, 13 miles south of Winchester?
Which other port city lies 28 miles south-east of Winchester?
Which Anglo-Saxon king is most closely related to Winchester?
Which political party represents Winchester?
Which ward/parish of Winchester is located just south of Stanmore?
Winchester was the capital of which Anglo-Saxon Kingdom?
If Newcastle has Geordies, London has Londoners, what are people from Winchester called?
Which Winchester landmark was used in the 2012 film Les Misérables?
Which hill was the location of an Iron Age fort?
In what year did the University of Winchester achieve University status?
Prior to said date, what was the University called?
If travelling by train towards London, which is the first railway station you would pass?
What is the name of Winchester's Public School?
Which famous King of England and Denmark is buried in Winchester Cathedral?
Which famous author lived her last years in the city, also buried in the Cathderal?
What was the name of Winchester's second railway station, closed in 1961?
Which ran along which now-closed Victorian viaduct?
Which spans the Twyford ______?
The northern tip of which National Park?
Which other National Park is south of Winchester?
Who designed Winchester's statue of King Alfred the Great, which stands in the Broadway?
Winchester shared the rule of Wessex with which small town in west Dorset?
Loosely translated from Old English, what does 'Winchester' mean?
Which sport was first played according to itself current international rules in the nearby town of Hamble?
What words are inscribed above the shop-front of Ask Italian on the High Street?
Which gin, flavoured with watercress, is famously distilled in Winchester?
Which satellite HE institution for the University of Southampton is located in north Winchester?
Winchester features in which novel by Thomas Hardy, and is the place of execution for the main character?
What was the Romans' name for Winchester?
Which came from which Celtic tribe?
On which street would you find 'The Kite Flyer'?

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