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Can you name the Homoptera and Hemiptera Families?

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Lacewingscopper-colored eyes, long thread-like antennae, and lacy wings
Water measurershead longer than thorax, resemble walking sticks
Giant water bugsHave wings, prominent ‘beak,’ BIG
Seed bugsAntennae w/ 4 segments, beak with 4 segments, forewings with 4-5 veins
Broad-shouldered waterstriderspronotum that is broader than abdomen, hind femur shorter
Water stridersHind femur longer than abdomen
Toad bugsbug-eyed
Lacewing Bugsflat, tiny, wings look like lace
Leaf-footed bugsleaf-feet
Assassin bugs & Wheelbugskiller beak
Plant bugsbase of forewings with cuneus (a triangular region found on the fore wings), wings bent downward at the ends, membranous part of forewing has 1-2 closed cells, no ocelli usually
Water bugs (Suborder)
Water boatmenflat dorsum, scoop-like front legs, natatorial hind legs
HintAnswerExtra Info
MantidfliesLook like lacewings but have raptorial front legs & triangular head
Water Scorpionslong 'tail,' holds front legs forward
Scentless Plant bugsUsually small & pale, membranous part of forewing has many veins
Neuroptera (Suborder)
Ambush bugssimilarly-colored to flowers, raptorial forelegs, clavate antennae, tiny
AntlionsAntennae fairly short & clubbed & often curved at the tip, wings transparent & mottled with brown and black.
Damsel bugsElongate body, prothoracic legs with thickened femora, membranous forewings with many marginal cells
Owlflieslike cross btwn butterfly&dragonfly, antennae long & clavate, eyes bulge
BackswimmersConvex dorsum, front legs not scooplike, natatorial hind legs
Big-eyed bugssmall, terrestrial with big eyes
Creeping water bugsLike small stout giant water bugs

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