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Forced Order
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Waddoo I look like, Magellan?All Stars
Fear keeps people loyal.All Stars
Promises are like fat women on wicker furniture, easily broken by Jonny Fairplay Pearl Islands
I'd take my clothes off for chocolate and peanut butter.Amazon
I CAN GET LOUD TOO, WHAT THE ****?Pearl Islands
I'm livid.Micronesia
He's fat, but he's good.Borneo
Blindsided, NICE! Now THAT'S how you vote someone off! Guatemala
I mean, I am definitely between a rock and a hard stone here.Amazon
We didn't lose because they were better. We lost because of a bunch of rules. Thailand
Oh my heck!Marquesas
Let the games begin.Australia
Jon's like a girl.Pearl Islands
Love many. Trust few. Do wrong to no one.Fiji
No ****, sherlock.Thailand
I'm not a bad sportsmanship.Guatemala
Somebody call a Whambulance, Terry's crying on the course!Panama
It feels like purple.Marquesas
You've made my life HELL, from day ONE! FORGET CHU, GO HOME, GOODBYE!Gabon
I will never give up, I will never surrender, I will never admit defeat.Pearl Islands
If a hyena eats this slop and then licks its ass, is it because it's the animal thing to do ... or because it's trying to get the taste out of its mouth?Africa
You know what they call me here? The Dragonslayer.Tocantins
Bigger women have more fat to live on. They can put out more effort.Amazon
Loose lips sink ships.Heroes Vs Villains
It's not our fault she sucks at life.China
I'm going to have a chocolate ice cream bar in one... ONE MINUTE!Panama
If you take care of her, I'll take care of you.All Stars
I mean, MY ASS!Micronesia
Pirates pillage...Pirates steal!Pearl Islands
We can't get a women's alliance together because Caryn sucks.Palau
What!? Ya know I'm just layin' here, you know, in the hammock! Vanuatu
Sorry girl, you get on my nerves and I don't like being around you...nothing personal.Thailand
Well let me give you a little advice. If you ever go to Vegas, always bet on black Marquesas
I don't know what MTV means.Borneo
If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we would all have a merry Christmas Australia
Your true colors aren't apart of any rainbow I've ever seen.Vanuatu
According to some people we sucked todayGabon
Sarah has a nice body, and she paid a lot for it Marquesas
I love seeing people cry when you crush their dreamsTocantins
I feel we owe it to the island's spirits that we have learned to come to know to let it be in the end the way Mother Nature intended it to be - for the snake to eat the rat. Borneo
I've been bamboozled!All Stars
I need someone to pee on my hand! Does anyone have to pee!?Marquesas
They're all lying to me!Marquesas
I may be a lot of things, but I ain't no Hersey bar.Australia
Yeah, I went to the school as Gary Hoogeboom, yeah, I look like Gary Hoogeboom, hell, I have the same initials as Gary Hoogeboom. But, no Danni, I am NOT Gary Hoogeboom. Guatemala
I think I found my little crack!Vanuatu
I said under my breath and in my head, I swear on my kids that I'll screw you ANNNNND Burton!Pearl Islands
The idol is DEFINITELY on the ground. Guatemala
Thanks guys.....I hope you all get bit by a freakin' crocodile.....scumbags.Guatemala
It's called Chong Ran and it's an ancient Tibetan. If you do a Google search on it, you won't find it. You have to go to the monastery to study it.Tocantins
Jon has yet to clean a fish, or even wash a dish!Pearl Islands
If you don't keep your word I'll do something to you.Borneo
Don't mess with the Shii-devil or you'll get horns. Thailand
Oh my gooooood, it's soooo gooooood!Australia
I've got the million dollar check written in my name.Borneo
I will always wave my finger in your face!Australia
You can get her autograph after the show. Guatemala
Neleh and Paschal, I think, are really supporting my success in this game and are really rooting for me. Marquesas
Who is this jackass?Tocantins
He's a Jew! He won't eat the ham!Africa
Stupid people, stupid stupid people.All Stars
I'm 150-200 percent happy with the wife I have.' Thailand
Au revoir, sayonara, arrivederci, and as they say in Boston, see you later.All Stars
Because it's just a **** stick!Micronesia
Why does he need the machete so sharp? I think he's gonna kill us. I'm afraid that when he is voted off, he's gonna take the machete and kill us after the vote.Amazon
Me and Richard got to be really close friends; not in a homosexual way, that's for sure.All Stars
I've never broken the honor of a handshake.Africa
I will drive over to your **** little apartment and murder you, and then I will drive to my club and that will be that.Panama

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