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Race/DescriptionName (No Rank)
Human. Chapter Master of the Ultramarines.
Human. Led the Defense of Armaggedon during the Second Ork Invasion.
Human. Former Governor of Armaggedon; betrayed the Imperium during the Second Ork invasion.
Ork. Widely considered to be the Prophet of the Ork Gods.
Ork. Immensely powerful Flash Git who plies the stars aboard 'Da Blacktoof'
Human. The only recorded Colonel-Commissar in Imperial history.
Human. While considered a hero of the Imperium, he is a self-professed coward and a disgrace to the Commissariat.
Human. Led the Blood Ravens Space Marines during the Kronus Campaign.
Human. Current Lord-Castellan of Cadia; considered a tactical genius.
Race/DescriptionName (No Rank)
Human. Corrupted by Chaos, he has led Black Crusades from the Eye of Terror for millenia.
Ork. Leader of the Red-Skull Kommandos.
Ork. Known as the 'Daemon-Killa'
Human. A notable pupil of Gregor Eisenhorn confined to a mobile life support system.
Tau. A rogue commander; also known as Commander Farsight.
Eldar. Now deceased. Former leader of Craftworld Ulthwé
Eldar. Autarch of Iyanden.
Eldar. The first of the Dire Avengers.

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