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How many air vents are there in the cabin?
If both alternators fail, how long will the main battery last?
How far (each way) do the steering stops limit the nose wheel?
To which bus is the anti-icing connected?
Where are the cumulative hours of the engine stored?
Is the engine liquid cooled or air cooled?
To how many degrees does the variable elevator stop limit elevator movement?
How many cylinders does the engine have?
At what engine temperature will an engine fire warning show on the annunciator?
Feathering of the propeller can only be achieved above what RPM?
Heat from which engine is used to heat the cabin?
How many chambers are there in each fuel tank?
How many amps is the main battery?
What is the gearbox ratio?
How many volts is the main battery?
How many volts are the excitation batteries?
How many separate 3V batteries make up the emergency battery?
Oil system: wet or dry sump?
What controls the pitch of the propeller blades?
How many spars are in the vertical stabiliser?
Max gearbox temperature?
What is the normal maximum elevator movement?
What is the angle of a feathered propeller?
What type of pressure holds the gear in the retracted position?
Which battery bus provides power to the pilots' map and reading light, as well as the ELT?
How many motors operate the flaps?
Heat from which engine is used to defrost the canopy?
Max coolant temperature?
How many spars are in each wing?
Max oil temperature?
What is the capacity of the hydraulic reservoir?
How many strokes are in the engine cycle?
What is the model of the engine?
The fuel tanks are made of what?
How many amps are the excitation batteries?
What is the amperage of the alternators?
How many amps are the alternator circuit breakers?
Which bus is the avionics bus connected to?
What is the voltage of the alternators?
Which company manufactures the engines?
Max fuel temperature?
How many anti-icing pumps are there?
How many spars are in the horizontal stabiliser?
At what level will a fuel low level indication show up on the annunciator?
Is the engine turbocharged or non-turbocharged?

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