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Forced Order
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The gear equivalent of 'ACC Down' status is...
Elly's subordinates use (semi)special gears to battle -- name one
This boss hides in the Kislev sewers
Who's the first person to get an Omnigear?
During the main title's video, this transport ship is seen being destroyed by Deus
All women have the capacity to be 'this person'
Who's the best Speed player on the Thames?
The NPC hiding underneath the Lighthouse is...
The oft-hated mech boss of Stalactite Cave is...
Lahan residents tend to these cattlesque animals
Aphel Aura is a part of this city
Who was Billy's mother?
Fis-6 inhabits this dungeon
The only ally who doesn't ride in a gear
Dragons drop awesome items, like the Mumyo Sword, at this location
A 'Seal Barrier' nullifies this type of damage
Finish the quote: 'That was pretty interesting. But dropping a _____ on me is cheating... Take it back!'
The badge obtainable in Bledavik is...
Where is Renmazuo typically stored?
The Chrono Trigger cameo in Lacan is...
What person uses the Buntline gear?
This general is constantly embarrassed because he likes to use naval guns (as well as being a musclehead)
This place separates the Dazil and Lahan areas
Elly kills a soldier after a bad reaction to this battle enhancement drug
Captain of the Thames is half human, half __________.
In Xenogears' world, height is measured in this
The Element that often has her eyes closed
This boss halves everyone's HP, including its own
The underwater dungeon where Crescens is battled
Name Fei's two other personalities/personae (no commas)
This person helps Fei escape from Solaris' F Block.
Rico's father is...
The person who really killed Rico's cohorts in the sewers wasn't Redrum, but...
Hamamoto, Firewheel, and Silverstar are enemies who can be fought in this city's arena
Weltall-2 can enter Hyper Mode by using this 1000-fuel skill
When Fei meets Alice, he says Dan is probably out bragging -- or, if he hasn't talked with Dan yet, probably out _______
Alkanshel is operated by this person
This 'enemy' robot may show up and cure allies' HP or fuel
Bart and Sigurd both lost this body part
Finish the quote: 'My name is _____...the seeker of power.'

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