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Ellie infects this antagonist after being captured
In the first fall chapter, Joel explains the rules of this sport to Ellie
In the Pittsburgh toy store, Ellie takes this toy for Sam
Before the infection, Joel lives in this state
Name one of the animals Ellie kills in the first winter level.
This is the real name of 'Bill's Town'
Name one of the new weapons Bill gives Joel
Uninfected survivors often live in these military-run camps (two words)
The 'currency' used to upgrade weapons is simply known as this
Tommy marries this person
In the suburbs, Sam and Ellie play this game on a wall
The game's resistance members are named after these bugs
Joel admits to seeing this fictional werewolf movie, shown on several posters
Ellie has several unlockable skins featuring relating to this Naughty Dog series
Sarah's gives Joel this for his birthday
Ellie carries a pendant memento of this fallen friend
Arms dealer who rips off Tess and Joel
Tess pays lookouts and informants with these items (2 words)
Name a chapter without any infected enemies
What name does Ellie give the horse?
Dreampop and Old West are unlockable _____ modes
Ellie spots this exotic animal at the Salt Lake City zoo
There are four stages to the infected: Runner, Stalker, Clicker, and _____
In Pittsburgh, a hunter mentions finding 25 cans of this food
Ellie is immune to CBI, which stands for _____ Brain Infection
This is the only chapter without any human enemies
According to Ellie's joke book, what did Confederate soldiers eat off of? (two words)
At the pizzeria in Bill's Town, Ellie talks about this made-up game character
In the suburbs, Ellie and Sam talk about this food being sold from trucks
After the dam level, Joel and Ellie visit the UEC, which stands for...
After saving Ellie from the hospital, Joel kills this person to prevent pursuit
Joel mentions his childhood dream was to become a _____
In the winter scenario, Ellie brings this medicine to Joel
This weapon, from the Hospital level, can't be upgraded
The only weapon in the long gun group that can't use projectiles is the ___________
The hydroelectric dam is in this state
'Endure and survive' is the motto of this comic hero
Henry mentions he and Sam are from this New England town
This item is made with a blade and binding
Ellie comments that a military prep school is a fancy word for _______

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